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The Cybertraps Series

The Cybertraps Series

Whether you are a young adult, teacher, parent, or just curious about the impact of your digital footprint, read Cybertraps to stay in the know of how technology can do significant harm to you, now and in the far future. While the world focuses on privacy data and how this affects us as a society, nationally-recognized cybersecurity and legal expert Frederick S. Lane delves deeply into how technology impacts us all at the most personal and intimate levels.

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The Cybertraps Podcast

The Cybertraps Podcast

This twice-weekly podcast features a live current-events discussion and interview with experts from the fields of cybersafety, cybersecurity, education, technology, and more!

Hosted by Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane.

Live shows Mondays at noon eastern.

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The Cybertraps Newsletter

The Cybertraps Newsletter

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Fred in Africa Cybertraps 152

Fred is in Africa until April 1. Sign up for updates from Fred Interview with Awo. US State Department sponsored trip through Fullbright Specialist Program SchoolAI Fred’s Presentation about ChatGPT at ASTE. Jethro’s chat with Damon Hargraves RE: ChatGPT on Transformative Principal Rise of low level betting in rural areas. Ho, Ghana – Tech forum…

Corporate Media vs. Independent Media with Tony Brasunas Cybertraps 151

TONY BRASUNAS, independent journalist and author of the forthcoming RED, WHITE & BLIND: The Truth About Censorship in America and the Rise of Independent Media, which aims to explore  media distortion and disinformation in the U.S. as well as the upswell of independent media that has risen up to combat it. Corporate media vs independent media “How…

Training Paraprofessionals with Jamie Boyd Cybertraps 144

This interview is from a recent conference that Fred and I attended called Professional Practices Institute. We had the chance to talk with some great people from around the country. I hope you enjoy this episode. Jamie Boyd, Southern Arkansas University – Online K–6 coursework that leads to licensure targeted at paraprofessionals – Only university…