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The Cybertraps Series

The Cybertraps Series

Whether you are a young adult, teacher, parent, or just curious about the impact of your digital footprint, read Cybertraps to stay in the know of how technology can do significant harm to you, now and in the far future. While the world focuses on privacy data and how this affects us as a society, nationally-recognized cybersecurity and legal expert Frederick S. Lane delves deeply into how technology impacts us all at the most personal and intimate levels.

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The Cybertraps Podcast

The Cybertraps Podcast

This twice-weekly podcast features a live current-events discussion and interview with experts from the fields of cybersafety, cybersecurity, education, technology, and more!

Hosted by Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane.

Live shows Mondays at noon eastern.

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Questions and Audience Feedback

Questions and Audience Feedback

Do you have questions about the use of digital devices and electronic communication tools in your classroom or your home? Are you concerned about cybersecurity, cybersafety, privacy, data mining, and the risks arising from the use and misuse of modern technology? We're here to help.

Ask a question or leave us some feedback about something you've heard on our podcast. At least once a month, we will discuss your comments and answer your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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How to Teach Cybersecurity with Heather Stratford Cybertraps 61

Heather is a thought-leader in the IT Training and Cybersecurity field. Heather keynotes at conferences, universities, and for enterprise clients. Heather regularly speaks about Cybersecurity, Women in Technology, Women and Diversity in Cybersecurity, creating a Cybersecurity Culture, Entrepreneurship, Privacy, and the shifting regulations and how to manage cybersecurity risks. In 2019, Heather won a national…

Teach Them and Let Them Make Choices with Brandon Laur Cybertraps 59

Brandon Laur has been employed with Personal Protection Systems working as a White Hatter for over 12 years. Since May 2013, Brandon has been operating in a management position in the organization overseeing special project developments; most recently, developing the White Hatter production studio and the subsequent YouTube channel, livestream, and webinar platforms. He has…

Behind the Scenes of Licensing Teachers with Quinton Dale Cybertraps 56

In this episode Jethro and Fred talk with Quinton B. Dale, who investigates teachers who are applying for licensure in Massachussetts. Quinton B. Dale Is currently the Chief of Investigations for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Professional Practices Investigations.  He previously served as Director of the Investigation Division, Deputy Director…

Mental Routines for Establishing Screen Time Limits for Kids with Marlena Gross-Taylor Cybertraps 55

In this episode we talk with Marlena Gross-Taylor about how to establish screen time policies and routines that will carry them into their lifetimes. We also talk about the ways that schools have had to change because of the pandemic. Marlena Gross-Taylor is an amazing school leader and founder of Edugladiators. They are all about…

Why Brokers, Not Breaches, Are America’s Largest Privacy Threat With Rob Shavell Cybertraps LIVE 54

Rob Shavell has been working on protecting the online security and digital footprint of individuals and businesses for more than 10 years. He is the founder of Abine & DeleteMe (joindeleteme.com) which seek to prevent data brokers from selling your information. Entrepreneurs want to solve a big problem. For the typical person, what we find…