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  • The Decency Wars
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  • The Court and The Cross
  • The Naked Employee
The Cybertraps Series

The Cybertraps Series

Whether you are a young adult, teacher, parent, or just curious about the impact of your digital footprint, read Cybertraps to stay in the know of how technology can do significant harm to you, now and in the far future. While the world focuses on privacy data and how this affects us as a society, nationally-recognized cybersecurity and legal expert Frederick S. Lane delves deeply into how technology impacts us all at the most personal and intimate levels.

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The Cybertraps Podcast

The Cybertraps Podcast

This twice-weekly podcast features a live current-events discussion and interview with experts from the fields of cybersafety, cybersecurity, education, technology, and more!

Hosted by Jethro Jones and Frederick Lane.

Live shows Mondays at noon eastern.

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Questions and Audience Feedback

Questions and Audience Feedback

Do you have questions about the use of digital devices and electronic communication tools in your classroom or your home? Are you concerned about cybersecurity, cybersafety, privacy, data mining, and the risks arising from the use and misuse of modern technology? We're here to help.

Ask a question or leave us some feedback about something you've heard on our podcast. At least once a month, we will discuss your comments and answer your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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The Center for Cyberethics Phase One Cybertraps 76

Show Notes The Cybertraps Podcast is a production of The Center for Cyberethics, an independent, non-partisan educational institute dedicated to the study and promotion of cyberethics as a positive social force through research, curricula development, publishing and media, professional training, and public advocacy. Build the Non-Profit One Pillar at a Time First Pillar: Cyberethics in the School Community Draws on…

Ransomware Protection with Greg Edwards Cybertraps 74

Greg Edwards is the CEO of CryptoStopper, which provides ransomware protection by automatically detecting and stopping actively running ransomware attacks. The are the world’s first digital security product to offer 100% ransomware protection. Ransomware is affecting so many people. How big of a problem is it really? How can you guarantee to protect companies against…

Should I Use That Free Technology? with Richard Byrne Cybertraps 070

Richard Byrne is the President of Byrne Instructional Media, LLC. He is best known for developing the award-winning blogs Free Technology for Teachers and Practical Ed Tech. His work is focused on helping teachers use technology to improve their students’ learning experiences. He has been a high school social studies teacher and is currently a…

Cheerleader’s Free Speech and Apple’s CSAM Cybertraps Live 66

In this podcast we are talking about the Supreme Court decision this fall regarding Mahanoy Valley v BL and Apple’s new policy on cryptographically scanning files for CSAM content. SCOTUS Decision Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L. (Brandi Levy) SCOTUSblog Language warning Majority [8-1] opinion written by Justice Breyer Facts Levy tried out for varsity…