Ghana Update and the Growing Problem of Deepfakes Cybertraps 153

  • Update from Ghana

– #2023–03–13_1100 Meeting with the Cybercrime Unit of the Ghana Police Service – #2023–03–14_1200 Visit to 5/6 classroom at Primus Hybrid School – #2023–03–19_1400 Pan-Africa webinar for parents – How can parents and carers monitor their children’s online activity without infringing on their privacy? – What are the long-term effects of excessive technology use on children’s mental and physical health? – How can parents and carers stay informed about new technology trends and potential risks? – What should parents and carers do if they suspect their child is being cyberbullied or harassed online? – How can parents and carers effectively communicate with their children about technology use without creating conflict or tension? – How can parents and carers address their own technology use and set a good example for their children? – What is the role of peer pressure and social media in shaping children’s online behavior, and how can parents and carers help children navigate these pressures? – How can technology be used to enhance learning and development for children, and what are some best practices for incorporating technology into education? – How can parents and carers help children build healthy relationships with their devices and encourage offline activities and hobbies? – What is the role of technology companies and platforms in promoting safe and responsible technology use, and how can parents and carers hold them accountable? – The Growing Problem of Deepfakes – News Item: New York students create a deepfake video of middle school principal saying racist things “” – Details – Target of the malicious attack was George Fischer Middle School – In late January or early February, multiple videos were released on Tiktok, with a male voice laid over videos of Principal John Piscitella – The voiceovers contained racist statements and threats of violence – TikTok quickly took the videos down but not before they were seen by multiple students – Carmel Central School District sent out a letter on February 13, 2023, alerting parents to the videos and saying “that three high-schoolers had “used artificial intelligence to impersonate the staff” and made them appear to make “inappropriate comments” in videos.” – The school did not describe the videos, nor did it specifically mention the racist comments or threats of violence – Simultaneous, local police closed their investigation after determining that no crime had been committed – The District defended its response to angry parents, saying that “they were trying to balance disclosing sensitive information without generating panic” – But parents accused the District of minimizing the videos – The videos raise many issues, most controversial: – Racism – Student Privacy – The Use and Abuse of Technology (particularly AI) – Threats of Gun Violence – Disciplinary action was taken against three students but District refused to say what action was taken – Analysis – Schools need to be more transparent about the nature of incidents like these – We may need to consider the cost of student privacy – These were relatively crude deepfake videos; the technology exists now to make much more convincing videos – Additional Resources – #2023–03–09 Principal appears to spew racist threats in disturbing video — but it never actually happened “” – #2023–03–08 High Schoolers Made a Racist Deepfake of a Principal Threatening Black Students “” – #2023–03–02 TikTok videos threatening Black students have Carmel parents on edge, district promising change “” – Fred’s presentation at ASTE about Chatbots

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