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Cover Slide for "Information Security in a Knowledge-Based Society" [2018-05-16]

Information Security in a Knowledge-Based Society [Lecture]

2018-05-16 Information Security in a Knowledge-Based Society from Frederick Lane A presentation delivered on May 16, 2018, at the United States Consulate in Guangzhou, China. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation or professional development program for your organization on this topic, please contact me for information regarding my rates and availability.

The cover for Obscene Profits, written by Frederick Lane and published in 2000.

“Sex Robots and Private Data”: A Podcast Interview with Funny as Tech

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Grand Central Tech to record a studio interview for the Funny as Tech podcast on the provocative topic of “Sex Robots and Our Private Data.” The podcast is now live and available for download on iTunes. As you can hear on the podcast, there are a lot…