When Protecting Against Risk Becomes Too Expensive with Scott Tennant Cybertraps 53

Scott C. Tennant is a Senior Program Strategist with Risk Program Administrators and the Deputy Executive Director of the School Pool for Excess Liability Limits Joint Insurance Fund commonly referred to as SPELL by its 83 school district members.  Scott has been in the  insurance and risk management field for 33 years, beginning as a retail broker focused on public agencies and migrating to public entity pool management in 1989.  Scott is passionate about helping pools support their member public agency member/owners manage and mitigate risk to ensure a safe environment and to drive their total cost of risk down.  In addition to these roles, Scott is a member of the National Council for the Advancement of Educator Ethics, a subcommittee of NASDTEC, a member of the Legislative Committee of the the New Jersey Self Insured Association, a founding member of PRIMA-NJ and active with AGRIP, PRIMA and NJASBO.

  • Public Enterprise was too risky, so insurance companies made it more expensive.
  • Not dealing with it because they weren’t getting a lot of claims.
  • Cyber’s going to be like a giant snowstorm.
  • Cyber liability policies are not making any money for insurance companies.
  • It’s not easy to setting up effective preventative measures.
  • More understanding and a better consensus of thought.
  • Sexual Abuse & Molestation claims
  • If it’s not a thoughtful discussion, then it is accusatory.

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