Former CIA Hacker Dr. Eric Cole on Our Cyber Crisis Cybertraps 32

Cyber Crisis: Protecting Your Business from Real Threats in the Virtual World

Today, we talk with Dr. Eric Cole, former hacker who now runs a security firm. He is the author of Cyber Crisis: Protecting Your Business from Real Threats in the Virtual World. Dr. Cole is the founder of Secure Anchor, a cybersecurity firm that works with companies to make the internet a safer place to do business. has written several books on cybersecurity and he’s frequently called upon as the go-to expert by CNN, Fox, CBS, and NBC. He was one of the authors of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s cybersecurity guide and received a cyber wingman award from the Air Force for building out and developing their entire cybersecurity program.

  • Employed as a professional hacker by CIA
  • It’s boring is if you always get it in.
  • The biggest marketing scam on earth is calling these devices smart!
  • No matter what, you are a target!
  • With everything being online, there are no secrets.
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  • The biggest demographic that is targeted by cyberattacks is retired folks over 65.
  • If you have not talked to them, you are doing a disservice.
  • Security may be built in, but it’s not on by default.
  • Many-factor authentication & notifications – In your bank, settings, security or advanced, account notification.
  • Use different devices for different actions.
  • People assume what they’re doing is secure, and that mindset is the worst thing you can do.
  • Figure out the superset of tools for teachers, install it, and take away admin rights.
  • Application whitelisting.

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