The Cybertraps Compendium — April 5-11, 2021

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The Cybertraps Compendium — April 5-11, 2021

New Episodes on “The Cybertraps Podcast“:

8 April 2021: [TCP Episode 31] Dr. Tom Harrison — Values Based Decision Making

5 April 2021: [TCP Episode 30] TCP Live — Introducing “Raising Cyberthical Kids: An Audio Course”

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Buoyancy Digital is proud to be the inaugural Mission Partner for the Cybertraps Podcast series. A digital advertising consultancy with an ethos, Buoyancy was founded by Scott Rabinowitz, who has been in digital media since 1997 and has overseen $300 million in youth safety compliant ad buys across all digital platforms. For IAB, Google and Bing accredited brand and audience safe advertising sales solutions, media buying and organizational training for media publishers, let’s chat.

Headlines of Interest

Set out below are some of the headlines that I’ve added to my Cybertraps research files during the past week. Book titles with links are available for purchase on; the other titles are forthcoming. If you have any questions about any of these stories, please leave a message on the Questions and Audience Feedback page for “The Cybertraps Podcast.”

Cybertraps for All of Us

10 April 2021: “Why You Should Never Use Google Chrome On Your iPhone, iPad Or Mac” (Forbes)

10 April 2021: “Review Your Social Media Etiquette” (The New York Times)

9 April 2021: “Massive cache of LinkedIn user data leaked online” (New York Post)

9 April 2021: “YouTube pulls video of DeSantis panel discussion urging no masks for children” (The Washington Post)

9 April 2021: “Spotify quietly deletes controversial ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ episodes” (New York Post)

9 April 2021: “Would you put Elon Musk’s chip in your brain? Neuralink demonstrates its latest implant by making a monkey play Pong with its MIND – and it is appealing for HUMAN volunteers next” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 April 2021: “The Cybersecurity 202: This House Democrat is pushing for more funding for state and local cybersecurity” (The Washington Post)

8 April 2021: “Civil rights groups flagged dozens of anti-Muslim pages and groups to Facebook that stayed up, lawsuit alleges” (The Washington Post)

8 April 2021: “LinkedIn faces investigation by Italian watchdog after data of 500 MILLION users were found for sale on hacker marketplace” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 April 2021: “Social media firms are failing to tackle anti-vaxxer myths despite promising a crackdown, experts claim” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 April 2021: “We tested the first state ‘vaccine passport’ at Yankee Stadium. It’s not quite a home run.” (The Washington Post)

7 April 2021: “A ‘System of Espionage’ Reigned at Ikea, a French Prosecutor Charges” (The New York Times)

7 April 2021: “A Target Sex-Trafficking Hoax Is Going Viral on TikTok” (Rolling Stone)

7 April 2021: “Tom Cruise, TikTok and Fraud: How to combat DeepFakes” (Security Boulevard)

6 April 2021: “Russian court fines TikTok over failure to delete content: reports” (WHBL)

6 April 2021: “Comedy club axes pilot event after anti-vaccine passport trolls bombard venue with ‘4,000 hate messages’ despite trial not using jab certificates” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 April 2021: “The Robots Are Coming … to Mow Your Lawn” (The New York Times)

6 April 2021: “YouTube says it’s getting better at taking down videos that break its rules. They still number in the millions.” (The Washington Post)

6 April 2021: “The Cybersecurity 202: A massive Facebook breach underscores limits to current data breach notification laws” (The Washington Post)

6 April 2021: “Is Spotify’s algorithm sexist? Streaming platform is more likely to recommend songs by male musicians than females, study reveals” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: “Russia backs down on threat to block Twitter over banned content” (New York Post)

5 April 2021: “A QAnon revelation suggests the truth of Q’s identity was right there all along” (The Washington Post)

5 April 2021: “Are you part of the ‘Emojification resistance’? Scientists urge people to pull faces at their phone as part of a new game that exposes the risks of ’emotion recognition technology’” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: “Half of Republicans believe false accounts of deadly U.S. Capitol riot: Reuters/Ipsos poll” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

10 April 2021: [US_MS] “Married biology teacher, 42, ‘videotaped sex romps with her teen boy student and gave him gift cards to keep him quiet'” (Knewz)

9 April 2021: [Grenada] “Math teacher Leslie Stewart, charged with Child Pornography” (Associate Times)

8 April 2021: [US_MS] “Former Mississippi teacher sentenced after being convicted of sexual battery involving student” (Magnolia State Live)

8 April 2021: [US_NV] “Arrest report details how police caught substitute teacher accused of sex crimes” (KSNV)

7 April 2021: [Japan] “Female teacher suspected of making child pornography of girls at onsen” (Tokyo Reporter)

7 April 2021: [US_FL] “First Coast High School teacher accused of having romantic relationship with student” (WTLV)

7 April 2021: [US_KY] “Louisville teacher uses TikTok dancing to connect with students” (WLKY)

7 April 2021: [US_LA] “Former middle school teacher accused of asking teen for lewd pictures on Instagram” (WBRZ)

6 April 2021: [US_NY] “Former Cold Spring Public Official And Teacher Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Attempted Receipt Of Child Pornography From Former Student” (Dept. of Justice)

6 April 2021: [US_WV] “Former Taylor County teacher charged” (Mountain Statesman)

5 April 2021: [US_PA] “Former Teacher At Church Farm School Gets 15-30 Years For Abuse” (Patch)

Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

7 April 2021: [Global] “Star Victoria’s Secret model bombarded with messages from ‘offended’ men after she posts breastfeeding selfies with her new baby” (Knewz)

Cybertraps for First Responders

6 April 2021: [England] “Police officer who quit her job become an OnlyFans glamour model earning up to £94,000 a MONTH insists she has ‘very strict morals’ and only makes content she’s happy for friends and family to see” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 April 2021: [US] “Surveillance Nation” (BuzzFeed News)

Cybertraps for Health Care Professionals

5 April 2021: [England] “Group of 10 doctors ‘face being struck off for swapping offensive messages and pictures over WhatsApp for two years’” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Librarians

Sign Indicating a Slow Week

Cybertraps for Public Figures

10 April 2021: [Global] “Trump’s plan to start his own social media platform is doomed to failure, say experts” (Business Insider)

10 April 2021: [England] “Female sports stars ‘are sent unsolicited images of male genitalia on a daily basis’… with Women’s Super League players ‘feeling pictures are sent too often to report every single incident’” (Daily Mail [UK])

9 April 2021: [US_FL] “YouTube pulls video of DeSantis panel discussion urging no masks for children” (The Washington Post)

8 April 2021: [England] “Ex-model says she’s a victim of disturbing ‘e-whoring’ trend online” (New York Post)

8 April 2021: [US_AL] “Confronted with leaked phone call, Alabama Republican John Merrill admits to affair, drops Senate bid” (The Washington Post)

7 April 2021: [Global] “Official Censorship Should Have No Place in the Digital Public Square” (The New York Times)

7 April 2021: [United States] “Barstool’s Dave Portnoy shrugs at sex tape as Penn stock slides” (New York Post)

6 April 2021: [US] “Is Mark Zuckerberg on Signal? Facebook co-founder’s phone number leaks online in data breach and is linked to WhatsApp rival app” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 April 2021: [England] “Rapper who filmed Holby City actor’s daughter while she died of overdose is caught on video with gun and sat at table with lines of white powder” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: [US_CA] “No, Revenge Porn Is Absolutely Not ‘Free Speech'” (Refinery29)

5 April 2021: [England] “Keir Starmer apologises and takes down video of church visit after being slammed by his own party for backing pastor who had spoken out against gay marriage” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: [US] “ESPN fires Celtics legend Paul Pierce” (The Boston Globe)

5 April 2021: [US] “Supreme Court vacates ruling barring Trump from blocking Twitter critics, saying case is moot” (The Washington Post)

Cybertraps for Spouses, Partners & Lovers

8 April 2021: [Canada] “‘I was doing unspeakable, ungodly things!’ Horrified woman reveals she accidentally sent a VERY X-rated video to her MOTHER because of a facial recognition slip-up on Google Photos” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 April 2021: [England] “Jilted lover, 27, avoids jail after bombarding ‘traumatised and scared’ beauty queen, 24, with barrage of calls, texts, cards and gifts during 18-month stalking campaign” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 April 2021: [United States] “Lauren Sanchez’s Hollywood agent ex-husband is named as secret source who leaked her affair with Jeff Bezos to the National Enquirer, using the scandal as a ‘get-out-of-divorce-free card,’ court docs claim” (Daily Mail [UK])

7 April 2021: [US_CA] “Judge dismisses Katie Hill lawsuit against Daily Mail over nude photos” (New York Post)

6 April 2021: [England] “One of Tinder’s ‘most right-swiped’ men shares his tips for bagging more matches including logging in on a desktop to boost your rankings and using snaps that ‘portray a story’” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: [England] “Woman who discovered the man she’d met online was married says she feels ‘ashamed’ after she messaged his wife to tell her what happened – but would YOU want to know?” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: [England] “Plenty of (cat)fish! Divorcée who was duped by 25 men she met on the dating app including one posing as a model and an ‘undercover swinger’ turns her diary into a tell-all book” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for the Vulnerable

5 April 2021: “Why we’re still falling for social-media scams — and how to fight back” (New York Post)

Cybertraps for the Young

10 April 2021: [Global] “How social media turns online arguments between teens into real-world violence” (Stuff)

10 April 2021: [US_NY] “Lisbon 18-year-old’s suicide has similarities to Potsdam teen’s death; state police investigating both” (NNY360)

8 April 2021: [Global] “Social and sexual: TikTok may subtly push inappropriate content to minors” (The Alestle)

8 April 2021: [Global] “Researchers develop tool to measure impact of late night social media scrolling on teens’ sleep” (Education Technology)

8 April 2021: [US_IL] “College track coach stole explicit photos from female athletes’ phones, prosecutors say” (The Washington Post)

8 April 2021: [US_NY] “Boy, 15, kills himself after being blackmailed by online extortioners for $3,500 over ‘personal’ images they scammed him into sending” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 April 2021: [England] “Ofsted chief inspector suggests there may not be any ‘rape culture’ within schools and says many pupils’ sex assault claims are result of videos and pictures taken in the outside world” (Daily Mail [UK])

7 April 2021: [United States] “Korean esports players, staff speak out on ‘unspeakable’ racism, harassment in America” (The Washington Post)

6 April 2021: [England] “Generation of home-schooled children lacked ‘discipline and order’ during lockdown says Gavin Williamson as he backs mobile phone ban in schools and says ‘out of control’ pupils’ will wreck lessons” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 April 2021: [Global] “Children are warned old tweets could ruin their lives: Police are recording thousands as non-crime ‘hate incidents’” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 April 2021: [US_AZ] “High school survey in Arizona shows what teens think about their parents” (

6 April 2021: [US_VA] “School District Investigating ‘Abhorrent’ George Floyd Image Posted by Student” (The New York Times)

5 April 2021: [Global] “TikTok Launches New Support Resources as Part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month” (Social Media Today)

5 April 2021: [England] “Dicing with death: Moment two women risk their lives leaping into the air for photo on top of crumbling 150ft cliffs at Birling Gap” (Daily Mail [UK])

5 April 2021: [US] “Piers Morgan defends fired Teen Vogue editor, 27, who lost her job before she’d even started over racist tweets she apologized for writing when she was a kid” (Daily Mail [UK])

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