Cybertraps for Librarians [Lecture]

A presentation delivered via GoToMeeting on June 21, 2016 to the “Intellectual Freedom and Censorship” class at Simmons College, Boston, MA.

Feedback from Dr. Laura Saunders, Assistant Professor at the Simmons School of Library and Information Science:

Thank you for a fantastic lecture on the history of decency and obscenity laws in the United States and their relevance to libraries. The students were fascinated (I could tell by how furiously they were taking notes!) and it led to some excellent discussion afterward. We were all also very interested in the cybertraps for librarians– this is such a relevant and timely topic, and one that I don’t think gets discussed enough.

If you are interested in discussing a presentation or professional development program for your organization on this topic, please contact me for information regarding my rates and availability.

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