“A Sickness of Silence” — Recurring Panel Discussion with Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse [Interview]

cropped-ctr-header-newsEarlier this fall, I had the pleasure of appearing on a podcast hosted by Cheri Roberts. The show, called “Challenging the Rhetoric,” is an interesting weekly show in which Roberts leads “an engaging analysis of the week’s current news and events.”

Recently, Roberts has created a spin-off program called “A Sickness of Silence,” a special ongoing series in which Roberts and childhood friend Kim Lakin lead a roundtable discussion on the challenging and disturbing topic of child sexual abuse. Roberts and Lakin are both themselves survivors of child sexual abuse and are committed to promoting an open and effective conversation about this difficult but important topic.

Last night (November 5) was the premier episode of the Sickness of Silence roundtable discussion, and I had the honor of joining a number of interesting guests on the show. You can listen to the podcast (or download it) from the Blog Talk Radio Web site.

The other members of the panel included:

  • Hosts Cheri Roberts and Kim Lakin;
  • Sue Shugarts, the show’s social media manager and researcher;
  • Michael Skinner, a New Hampshire-based musician and child sexual abuse survivor;
  • Joy Bruckner, child sex abuse survivor;
  • Christopher M. Anderson, a child sexual abuse survivor and Executive Director of MaleSurvivor, an organization devoted to helping boys and men overcome sexual victimization; and
  • Dr. Sarah D. Goode, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Winchester and author of Paedophiles in Society: Reflecting on Sexuality, Abuse and Hope

It was a powerful and highly informative conversation, and I am looking forward to the next edition of the roundtable on December 3, 2015 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.


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  1. Cheri Roberts - Reply

    Frederick, you are a wonderfully intelligent guest panelist with a warm heart and a fun spirit. You make it easier to do what we are doing and you are appreciated. Thank you for posting this, for being a part of this and for all of your support!

    • Frederick Lane - Reply

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Cheri! I appreciate all your work on behalf of the survivors of child sex abuse and admire the courage you show in sharing your story. I look forward to further visits on your show.

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