Cybertraps: Educator Vacation and Beach Photos Cybertraps 130

  • The Saga of Ashley Payne (2011)

  • After her first year of teaching, Payne went on a trip to Europe. When she returned, she created a Facebook album with several hundred vacation photos. A handful showed her enjoying a drink or two.

  • The photo album was marked “private,” but could still be viewed by her Facebook “friends” (which did not include any students)

  • She also mentioned on Facebook that she was heading out to play a game called “Crazy Bitch Bingo” at a local club

  • One her vacation photos and the club post were printed out and sent anonymously to Payne’s principal

  • On February 6, 2011, I appeared on CBS News “Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood” to discuss internet privacy; Ashley Payne was also interviewed. “”

  • The Questions

  • Can educators post photos of themselves on vacation on social media?
    • Yes, but …
    • Teachers are generally (and sometimes legally, as in Canada) held to a higher standard of conduct online
    • Persistent double standard – female teachers more closely scrutinized and more harshly judged
    • “Personal time” is often not “private”
  • Challenging Definitions
    • “racy photos”
    • “scantily clad”
    • “indecent”
    • “risque”
  • Legal Issues
    • First Amendment
    • Decency / Obscenity
    • District / School Policies
  • What are the potential risks?
    • Aggressive searches by curious students
    • Loss of privacy (i.e., control over what is shared)
    • Oversharing by friends or family
    • Posts by second employers (modeling agencies, fishing charters)
    • Unflattering posts by a friend or a complete stranger
    • Public criticism / parental trolling
    • Harassment
    • Adverse job actions
    • Theft
  • What can teachers do to protect themselves?
    • Clean up social media channels before applying for jobs
    • Review privacy settings
    • Reflect on the true meaning of “friendship”
    • Create a “Custom List” of Facebook or Instagram friends
    • Share albums directly with trusted friends in Google Photos or Apple iCloud
    • Selfie-searches
    • Third-party scrubbers (but beware of scams)
    • Hashtag Advocacy
    • Russian teachers protested the firing of a Siberian teacher after she shared a photo of herself in a bikini, getting ready for “cold swimming”
    • Legal counsel for adverse labor actions
  • Resources

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