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Raising Cyberethical Kids: Audio Course and Ebook – News Item: In June 2021, UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson suggested banning mobile phones in schools – He argued that a ban would help students “remain calm” and overcome the effects of the pandemic – Some schools expressed opposition, saying individual schools and districts should establish their own policies without government mandate – Williamson seen as strong opponent of mobile phones in school, pointing to cyberbullying, sexting, and abuse of girls. – Officials acknowledged that an in-school ban would do little to prevent harm occurring outside of school – [Note: Williamson subsequently lost his position during a cabinet re-shuffle in September 2021] – Several countries have limits on in-school mobile use, including: – Afghanistan – Australia – China – France – Reframe the Discussion? – Educators should not view these devices as mere “phones” or communication tools – Instead, they should be recognized as powerful pocket computers and integrated into education accordingly – “A plan, not a ban” – Input from students and parents – Negative Effects of Phones – Full extent of potential problems still being analyzed – 2013 study – students not using cellphones: – wrote an average of 62 percent more in their notes – wrote more detailed notes – recalled more detailed information – scored one-and-a-half letter-grades higher on assessments – students with digital devices: – engage in more off-task behavior – have more concentration and focus issues – have a higher incidence of physical and mental health issues. – 2015 study – banning mobile phones led to an increase in test scores by an average of 6.4% – “This is equivalent to adding five days to the school year or an additional hour a week.” – Greater benefits (2x) for low-performing students – Similar results from studies in Spain and Norway – Excessive use can lead to multiple harms, including: – anxiety and depression – neglecting other activities – conflict with peers or parents – poor sleep habits (sleep deprivation and sleep texting) – increased exposure to cyberbullying – poor decision making – physical harms, including posture, repetitive stress syndrome, vision, etc. – learning disabilities – FOMO or cyberchondria(?) – emotional dysregulation – decline in conversation skills – Positive Uses of Smartphones – keep track of homework – setting up other reminders – looking up facts and formulas – taking photos, videos, or audio of lessons or confusing topics – note-taking – accessing education apps – Impact on the classroom environment and school community – mobile devices change dynamic between educator and student – can be used to record and report educator misconduct – can also be used to harass or embarrass educators – Are mobile devices (and other digital tools) changing the way students learn? – Suggestions on mitigating negative impacts of mobile devices – More sleep – More playtime (especially outdoors) – Less time on digital media – Read more books – Develop a regular writing habit – Resources – #2021–10–30 David Lammy: Ban smartphone use in schools – #2021–08–16 Plan to ban phones from classrooms is out of touch, say UK school leaders – #2021–06–28 Education secretary wants ban on mobile phones in English schools – #2021–05–10 Smartphones are powerful personal pocket computers – should schools ban them?–159826 – #2021–03–21 Banning mobile phones in schools can improve students’ academic performance. This is how we know–153792 – #2021–02–21 Curse or necessity? Schools grapple with whether students should be allowed smartphones – #2021–02–02 China bans children from using mobile phones at school–55902778 – #2021–01–14 Digital teaching and learning in the smartphone era – #2020–06–02 Why Principals Worry About How Mobile Devices Affect Students’ Social Skills, Attention Spans – #2020–01–21 Six ways smartphones enhance learning – #2019–06–21 Are Students Spending Too Much Time on Mobile Devices During Class? Yes, Educators Say – #2019–05–14 How should teachers manage smartphone distractions in the classroom? – #2019–02–27 ‘Students Are Using Mobile Even If You Aren’t’ – #2018–09–21 Schools are banning smartphones. Here’s an argument for why they shouldn’t — and what they should do instead. – #2018–09–20 France Bans Smartphones in Schools Through 9th Grade. Will It Help Students? – #2018–08–14 Cellphones at school: Should your kid have one? – #2016–12–14 9 Uses for Smartphones in the Classroom–2.html – #2016–12–14 Cellphones in Classrooms, Part 1–1.html – #2016–03–08 Fomo, stress and sleeplessness: are smartphones bad for students? – #2015 Ill Communication: Technology, distraction & student performance – #2013 The Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on Student Learning

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