Youth Protection Decision-Making with Dr. Joaquina Kankam Cybertraps 87

Not only is Dr. Joaquina Kankam an expert in youth protection compliance and risk management, but her practical experience has made her a leader in understanding the needs of youth serving organizations. In addition to being an educator (K–12 & Higher Education), Joaquina has presented at several national association conferences and participated as a panelist in several discussions regarding youth.

The Importance of Senior Leadership’s Involvement in Youth Protection Decision-Making.

  • CAPTA (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, 1974)
  • Children youth-service organizations.
  • Background checks and mandatory reporting training
  • Sexual abuse or other harm?
  • Audit systems to ensure organizations are helpful in preventing harm to kids.
  • We do only what we know how to do.
  • Our procedures are good enough, we’ve talked with the attorneys and they approved them.
  • Protecting image of university
  • Loudon County, VA school board member resigns
  • We don’t differentiate in adult professional development
  • Start with a good understanding of what the law is.
  • How to teach schools to do this work correctly.
  • It’s too much to put on my plate.
  • how to be a transformative principal? If sometihng bothers you, don’t let it go. Fix it!

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