Improving Social Media with David Ryan Polgar Cybertraps 42

David Ryan Polgar is the founder of All Tech is Human. He recently created a report called Improving Social Media. David Ryan Polgar is a pioneering tech ethicist, Responsible Tech advocate, and expert on ways to improve social media and our information ecosystem. David is the founder of All Tech Is Human, an organization committed to building the Responsible Tech pipeline by making it more diverse, multidisciplinary, and aligned with the public interest. As the leader of All Tech Is Human, he has spearheaded the development of three recent reports: Guide to Responsible Tech: How to Get Involved & Build a Better Tech Future, The Business Case for AI Ethics: Moving From Theory to Action, and Improving Social Media: The People, Organizations and Ideas for a Better Tech Future. In March 2020, David became a member of TikTok’s Content Advisory Council, providing expertise around the delicate and difficult challenges facing social media platforms to expand expression while limiting harm. The main throughline throughout David’s work is that we need a collaborative, multi-stakeholder, and multidisciplinary approach in order to build a tech future that is aligned with the public interest.

  • Tech Ethicist
  • Creating rules around how we can have a better society.
  • We set up the conditions for people to discriminate.
  • Strong democracy is contingent on shared truth
  • Attorneys think of wrost case scenario, but tech founders look at best-case scenarios.
  • This isn’t about tech.
  • We didn’t foresee this…It’s a surprise to people who are pushing an agenda, but not a surprise to people who have been planning and researching it.
  • Power structures.
  • Meme literacy should be taught more in school.
  • Section 230 – Social media is an amagamation of several different types of companies.
  • Gordian Knot
  • Power goes back to
  • Cyberspace Manifesto
  • Teens are on a platform that is defines teens as more than just users.
  • IBM Watson – IBM Thinkleaders

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