The Cybertraps Compendium — March 15-21, 2021

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The Cybertraps Compendium — March 15-21, 2021

New Episodes on “The Cybertraps Podcast“:

18 March 2021: [TCP Episode 25] Brandon Karpf — Cryptology and Cyber Ops

15 March 2021: [TCP Episode 24] TCP Live — Your Digital Hygiene

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Buoyancy Digital is proud to be the inaugural Mission Partner for the Cybertraps Podcast series. A digital advertising consultancy with an ethos, Buoyancy was founded by Scott Rabinowitz, who has been in digital media since 1997 and has overseen $300 million in youth safety compliant ad buys across all digital platforms. For IAB, Google and Bing accredited brand and audience safe advertising sales solutions, media buying and organizational training for media publishers, let’s chat.

Headlines of Interest

Set out below are some of the headlines that I’ve added to my Cybertraps research files during the past week. Book titles with links are available for purchase on; the other titles are forthcoming. If you have any questions about any of these stories, please leave a message on the Questions and Audience Feedback page for “The Cybertraps Podcast.”

Cybertraps for All of Us

21 March 2021: “Scam alert: Why posting your COVID vaccine card may lead to fraud” (WWLP)

18 March 2021: “Your Face Is Not Your Own” (The New York Times)

17 March 2021: “Social Media Isn’t the Problem, It’s You” (The Cord)

17 March 2021: “A KYC rule for social media: What social networks can learn from banks” (betanews)

17 March 2021: “We Need Laws to Take On Racism and Sexism in Hiring Technology” (The New York Times)

16 March 2021: “What a cheerleading squad, a mom’s arrest and deepfakes reveal about regulating technology” (The Washington Post)

16 March 2021: “Google’s new Nest Hub comes with sleep-sensing technology” (New York Post)

15 March 2021: “A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16” (Vice)

Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

20 March 2021: [VA] “A high school football team told adults they were spit on and called the n-word. Nothing changed until a player posted, ‘enough is enough!’” (The Washington Post)

19 March 2021: [England] “Paedophile British school teacher is on trial in Spain accused of child sex offences – four years after being spared jail for the same offence in the UK” (Daily Mail [UK])

19 March 2021: [FL] “Coral Reef High teacher charged with having ‘romantic’ relationship with student, cops say” (Miami Herald)

19 March 2021: [WI] “Thousands come to defense of teacher who distributed ‘sex survey’ to students” (WISN)

18 March 2021: [NC] “Video of Union County teacher sparks concern, longer version shows full context” (WBTV)

18 March 2021: [NJ] “NJ school district paying ex-teacher $325K over Trump shirt scandal” (New York Post)

17 March 2021: “9 new podcasts to inform and inspire educators” (eSchool News)

17 March 2021: [OH] “I-TEAM: What we’ve uncovered about Rocky River teachers under investigation” (WJW)

17 March 2021: [NE] “Felony warrant issued for former Papillion La Vista South High School football coach” (KETV)

17 March 2021: [NC] “CMS Begins Thorny Task Of Regulating Social Media Use By Schools And Employees

16 March 2021: [IL] “Bloomington school board hopeful withdraws from race amid uproar over social media posts” (WEEK)

16 March 2021: [IL] “Lewd Audio During Remote Learning Leads To Teacher’s Resignation” ( Forest-Lake Bluff, IL)

16 March 2021: [IL] “Fired Palatine H.S. teacher sues District 211 board candidate for defamation” (Daily Herald)

16 March 2021: [OK] “McAlester teacher charged with committing ‘lewd or indecent acts’ to student” (McAlester News-Capital)

15 March 2021: [Japan] “American teacher posts video saying he will ‘stab children to death’” (Tokyo Reporter)

15 March 2021: [CO] “Pikes Peak-area teacher and coach cleared of allegations of inappropriate behavior with female students” (The Gazette)

15 March 2021: [WI] “Sparta teacher’s controversial comments start district investigation” (WKBT)

Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

18 March 2021: [Global] “Nine months in… nine months out! It’s the latest craze for new mums – a picture at full term and then another nine months later. And here are the joyous results!” (Daily Mail [UK])

15 March 2021: [United States] “Mom-To-Be Is Horrified After Learning Coworker Used Her Sonogram To Prank Her Ex” (CafeMom)

15 March 2021: [United States] “Senator: Facebook, Twitter Failing Pregnant Women Besieged by Anti-Vax Lies” (Daily Beast)

Cybertraps for First Responders

18 March 2021: [GA] “Police Captain Who Said GA Shooting Suspect Had ‘Bad Day’ Peddled Racist Anti-China Shirts Online” (Talking Points Memo)

17 March 2021: [CA] “Vanessa Bryant files suit naming LA deputies accused of sharing images of Kobe crash” (New York Post)

17 March 2021: [United States] “Correlation between social media mentions, police reform” (Yahoo! News)

16 March 2021: [England] “Cop at Sarah Everard crime scene sent vile parody of Highway Code to seven officers” (Daily Mail [UK])

15 March 2021: [England] “New nightmare for Cressida Dick after it emerges Met police officer guarding Sarah Everard murder scene ‘sent inappropriate WhatsApp messages to colleagues about her killing'” (Daily Mail [UK])

15 March 2021: [England] “Woman whose police officer husband put revenge porn photo of her on a swingers site tells how she tried to claw her own skin off and felt like she had been ‘touched by a thousand men’ afterwards” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Health Care Professionals

18 March 2021: [Canada] “Two nurses suspended for mocking patient” (Ary News)

16 March 2021: [Taiwan] “Taiwanese nurse fired for posting explicit photos of patients on Instagram” (Taiwan News)

Cybertraps for Librarians

15 March 2021: “[ONLINE EVENT 22 March 2015 @ 1 pm EST] Public Libraries and the Pandemic: Digital Shifts and Disparities to Overcome” (New America)

Cybertraps for Public Figures

19 March 2019: [England] “Twitter user, 66, is cleared of harassing local Labour MP Julie Elliott by repeatedly posting term ‘hang the old hag’ after judge said remarks were ‘not menacing’ in the context used” (Daily Mail [UK])

19 March 2021: [DC] “Trump’s ‘Chinese Virus’ Tweet Helped Fuel Anti-Asian Hate On Twitter, Study Finds” (Forbes)  

19 March 2021: [DC] “Twitter puts suspension on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account” [New York Post]

018 March 2021: [NY] “Daughter of late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan accused of nasty anti-China rant” (New York Post)

16 March 2021: [United States] “‘Wait until they find out we take baths together!’ Chrissy Teigen hits back at trolls ‘cringing’ over her topless selfie with son Miles – after joking ‘please move, mommy is trying to be thirsty!'” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Spouses, Partners & Lovers

19 March 2021: [Global] “Tinder will roll out new background check feature to help daters feel safe” (New York Daily News)

19 March 2021: [Global] “Will consent apps put women in MORE danger? Experts blast concept of ‘pressing a button’ to agree to sex and say it creates ‘a lot of room for abuse’ because ‘consent can change minute by minute'” (Daily Mail [UK])

17 March 2021: [NV] “Timeshare mogul sues Instagram model ex over racy OnlyFans photos” (New York Post)

17 March 2021: [England] “Tracey Cox tells when you should and shouldn’t worry about your partner’s lockdown porn habit” (Daily Mail [UK])

17 March 2021: [England] “Ioan Gruffudd’s estranged wife Alice Evans says collaborative divorce is a ‘phenomenal scam'” (Daily Mail [UK])

15 March 2021: [United States] “Mom-To-Be Is Horrified After Learning Coworker Used Her Sonogram To Prank Her Ex” (CafeMom)

Cybertraps for the Young

21 March 2021: [England] “Dulwich College is a ‘breeding ground for sexual predators’, claims ex-pupil in open letter containing anonymous accounts of assault, harassment and revenge porn from 100 girls who went to school near the £21,246-a-year college” (Daily Mail [UK])

19 March 2021: [Global] “Facebook plans Instagram for kids under 13 years olds – just days after saying it would do more to protect them” (Daily Mail [UK])

17 March 2021: [Global] “Hate speech soars for young social media users” (Axios)

17 March 2021: [United States] “‘A double-edged sword’: Survey says young Americans are using social media to address mental health issues … caused by social media” (USA Today)

17 March 2021: [England] “Policing minister Kit Malthouse says schools should teach boys how to respect women and girls” (Daily Mail [UK])

17 March 2021: [FL] “Oakland County student to fight possible expulsion after recording teacher using bathroom” (Morning Sun)

16 March 2021: [Global] “Continuing to Make Instagram Safer for the Youngest Members of Our Community” (Instagram)

16 March 2021: [England] “India says pioneering female president of Oxford students union was the VICTIM of ‘racism’ after she was forced to quit over ‘racist’ social media posts by ‘cancel culture mob'” (Daily Mail [UK])

16 March 2021: [FL] “Teenage ‘mastermind’ involved in celebrity Twitter hack will serve three-year sentence” (The Washington Post)

16 March 2021: [FL] “High-schooler and her mother hacked school records to steal homecoming queen election, police say” (The Washington Post)

16 March 2021: [NH] “She started posting videos of domino art at age 10. At 1 billion views, she is the ‘queen’ of dominoes.” (The Washington Post) — Mesmerizing example of her work:

16 March 2021: [United States] “FDA-approved gaming is already here, pointing to its therapeutic potential” (The Washington Post)

15 March 2021: [Global] “The Technology 202: Researchers say it’s easy to find drugs on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube” (The Washington Post)

15 March 2021: [England] “BEL MOONEY: Until we tackle porn culture, protests over sexual violence will change little” (Daily Mail [UK])

15 March 2021: [United States] “Attending school at a fast-food spot: 12m US students lack internet a year into pandemic” (The Guardian [UK])

15 March 2021: [PA] “Teen cheerleader speaks about alleged ‘deep fake’ video plot by rival’s mom” (New York Post)

15 March 2021: [VA] “College student who hosted racist online ‘swatting’ group is sentenced to 33 months” (The Washington Post)

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