Cybertraps for Educators 2.0: Appropriate Use of Social Media [Lecture]

A keynote presentation delivered at the inaugural Georgia Ethics Symposium hosted by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission in Macon, Georgia, on 29 August 2018.

Seminar Feedback

  • Great session! Thank you
  • Thank you for the information you shared. Will you please share the PowerPoint?
  • Wow. Worried about the future of our country!! This must be a priority
  • Lots to share with our staff. Thank you!
  • Great session, very informative! I love the integration of technology that fostered the engagement of your audience.
  • Great presentation. Very informative, definitely an eye opener.
  • Excellent presentation. I really liked the real life examples.
  • Great job! Got lots of take-aways!
  • Scary! We have so much work to do!
  • Very interesting and informative. Thank you!
  • Focused and super informative
  • Thanks, well done. Appreciate your research.
  • Great topic. Please share your power point.
  • Great in depth look at social media and its use.
  • Informative and much to ponder
  • This realtime information for a time such as this! Needed to hear this.
  • Great presentation! Thank you for terrific, foundational information.
  • Well done. Thank you!
  • Look forward to reading your books.
  • Informative presentation!
  • This was such a great session! You brought so much insight for things I need to consider.
  • Great Job! Helpful information! Good take a-ways.

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