My New Speaker One-Sheet for Education-Related Lectures

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with graphic designer Colin Gliech on a new one-sheet for my education-related lectures. I am really pleased with how it turned out. If you have any graphic design needs, I highly recommend Colin.

Here are the core lecture topics covered in the one-sheet (which you can view and download below):

Cybertraps for Educators

A timely and up-to-date presentation designed to inform teachers about the legal and social risks arising from the use and misuse of digital devices and to provide practical advice on how to minimize those risks.

Cybertraps for Administrators and School Boards

A presentation covering current trends in school district liability and litigation arising out of student and teacher cybertraps. This presentation includes detailed discussions of policies and procedures that can help minimize legal exposure.

Cybertraps for the Young

A presentation designed to help teachers and administrators better understand student use and misuse of technology. Particular attention is paid in this presentation to the issues of cyberbullying, cyberharassment, sexting, and the physical and emotional risks of excessive screen time.

Cyberethics for Educators: Pre-Certification to Retirement

A presentation designed to illustrate the need for cyberethics training at all levels of the teaching profession, from undergraduate and pre-certification programs through retirement. This lecture includes a historical overview of ethical and moral systems, the recent efforts to promote a Model Code of Educator Ethics, and the ethical challenges that teachers most commonly confront in (and out of) their classrooms today. The presentation concludes with specific suggestions for promoting cyberethics at each stage of the teaching profession.

Teaching Digital Citizenship to Digital Natives

A presentation on K-12 curriculum initiatives to introduce and reinforce concepts of digital citizenship and online safety for the current generation of digital natives. Leading concepts include personal privacy, understanding and respecting boundaries, the emotional and physical consequences of cyberbullying and cyberharassment, and the enduring consequences of digital behavior.

Other Topics Available Upon Request

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