For Educators and Parents: A Guide to 2016 Holidays and Special Celebrations

"Thanksgiving Joys" 1910

“Thanksgiving Joys” (1910)

Earlier this week, I received an email from Paul Krupin, the owner and operator of a marketing firm called Direct Contact PR. I’ve been reading and following Paul’s smart suggestions for a number of years now, and he has always been very generous with his time and experience.

Attached to his recent email was an interesting document entitled “2016 Publicity Planner” [embedded below]. It is a month-by-month listing of all of the major (and many minor) holidays in the United States, along with a listing of the numerous “special” days that are celebrated by various interest groups, companies, and organization.

At this moment, for instance, you might be unaware that January 19, 2016 is “Popcorn Day,” or that February 23 is “Spay Day.” You can play a celebratory game of Scrabble on April 13 (while also wishing Thomas Jefferson a Happy Birthday), and call your brother on Brother’s Day (May 24). Don’t let the summer slide by without embracing National Relaxation Day on August 15 or Serendipity Day, which just happens to fall on August 18. And on and on it goes.

As a marketing specialist, Paul is offering this planner to guide writers, bloggers, and marketers in creating timely content over the course of the year. However, as I flipped through the calendar, it occurred to me that this would be a terrific resource for educators and parents, who are often on the lookout for creative and educational topics over the course of a long year.

Paul compiled the list by scouring various Web sites for calendar information. The only additions I might suggest would be some of the entries from the Interfaith Calendar for 2016 (which lists significant religious observances for a variety of faiths) or from the Catholic Saints Calendar. It turns out, for instance, that I share my birthday (February 20) with Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto.

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