Reducing the Risk of Cybertraps for Educators [Lecture and Handout]

A presentation delivered to the Massachusetts Association of School Personnel Administrators on October 30, 2015 in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Earlier in the MASPA meeting, four attorneys from the Office of Professional Practices Investigations in the Legal Office of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education conducted a session on the work of their office, which investigates and seeks sanctions for misconduct by licensed educators. Among other things, they provided the attending administrators with a document containing “Recommended Practices for Employee Misconduct Investigations.” They were kind enough to permit me to make a copy of the handout available [see below].

If you are interested in discussing a presentation or professional development program for your organization on this topic, please contact me for information regarding my rates and availability.


Following this presentation, the event coordinator circulated a survey using Google Forms. Overall, my presentation received a 4.45 rating (out of 5). Attendees also offered the following comments, some of which also refer to the morning presentation by the Massachusetts OPPI:

  • Both presentations were informative and interesting.
  • Both workshops were very informative and provided useful information. Since our district has had to report licensure issues a number of times, it was helpful to know their process. Also, I was unaware of all of the programs out there that could potentially be used by staff/students. Great info!
  • I would like to do a cybertraps presentation for all staff in the District.
  • Atty Lane is a great speaker and it’s critical for all of us to keep as up to date with this as possible.
  • Unfortunately I missed the earlier presentation (ironically due to a PP investigation) but caught up with most of Fred Lane’s presentation, which I thought was very good.
  • The workshops were great. The presenters were very knowledgeable and their real life examples supported the content of their presentation.
  • Overall excellent workshop with informative content.
  • Very informative & I learned a lot from both presentations. Cybertraps brought up some scenarios that hadn’t occurred to me (or I just hadn’t thought about at work & home). I definitely left much more aware. Thank you!
  • Very interesting presenter. The two hours flew by.
  • I thought it was fabulous! Coming from the South Shore – it’s difficult to attend in person – not to mention trying to get the time out of the office – I was able to enjoy and learn while working at my desk. I hope that the broadcast will be taped and available to replay on the website – I would like to study some of the parts during which I was interrupted. Both topics are very dense – and there certainly was a lot of valuable information to mine for future. Thank you, so much!!
  • Both were engaging and interesting and contained information that I did not know.
  • Both were very valuable to me and I wish I had the information a little earlier in my career as it could have helped me with at least two situations that I can think of. Thank you!
  • It was a great day with lots of great information. I watched via video and it was nice not to have to drive the 1 1/2 hours each way. I also had time at lunch to work on some things in-district.Thanks so much for the opportunity.
  • Both workshops were very good. It would be very helpful if the meetings/seminars were closer in proximity to the 1-93 or 1-95 area.
  • Both workshops were very informative-the case studies were very helpful!
  • One of the most informative ones I’ve been to! Thanks for hosting these!!
  • Wish we had more time to see all of Fred’s presentation on Cybertraps … it was fascinating
  • Both presentations were relevant, useful and interesting. Thank you
  • Both presentations were very well done and provided useful information that will help me in my day to day responsibilities
  • Great combination of programming. Well designed day. Two presentations were even better when considered together.

Please note: The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education retains all intellectual property rights in the document below, and it may not be redistributed without permission and appropriate attribution. It is made available for advisory purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. In the event that you or your organization is faced with an incidence of employee misconduct that requires investigation, you are strongly advised to consult with appropriate legal and technical experts.

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