Twitter Exchange Lands Edmonton Officer in Hot Water

eps-logo1A tweet by an Edmonton social services agency set off a caustic Twitter exchange with the Edmonton Police Department, leading to the discipline of an unidentified officer.

On Tuesday, the Twitter account for the Inner City Frontline Workers of Edmonton (@InnerCityYEG) responded to the planned hiring of 49 additional Edmonton police officers:

Someone using one of the Edmonton Police Service’s 21 Twitter accounts, @eps_csi, responded by writing: “Riight. And your solution to massive growing population, terrorist threats to our malls, more guns, drugs & violence is?”

Not surprisingly, that response and the tweets that followed were deleted from the @eps_csi feed. However, demonstrating once again the “Public and Permanent” nature of the Internet, the full exchange was archived by a Twitter user:

Initially, the EPS said that it did not know which officer had sent out the hostile tweets. Later, however, the department conceded that a male officer was responsible and had been admonished, but they declined to release his identity.

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