GALE Forces with Dr. Glenn Lipson Cybertraps 150

This interview is from a recent conference that Fred and I attended called Professional Practices Institute. We had the chance to talk with some great people from around the country. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Fitting that for our 150th episode, we would have Dr. Glenn Lipson join us on the program again. – Forming a bucket brigade instead of a single bucket – Help others know their role. – Connecting across the country. – Intervening early prevents people falling down a slippery slope – Recognize the path of many interventions. – Find a champion – Anything worthwhile you’re doing should be comfortable sharing. – Guilty, Angry, Loneliness, Embarrassment. GALE forces – Empowering youth voices – Lonliness and isolation leads to perversion when people can’t find ways to self-soothe.

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