Cybertraps 139

  • This is a preview of Fred’s general session presentation at PPI on October 19 in Boise, ID
  • Carrie Goldberg’s Thread about her lawsuit against Amazon
  • The full title of the presentation is “The Cybertraps of Emerging Technologies: “Deep Fakes,” Augmented and Virtual Reality, the Metaverse, and Whatever AI Has In Store for Us”
  • Outline
  • Introduction
  • The March of the Eduverse: A Brief Overview
    • What Is Reality, Really?
    • “Augmented” Reality
    • “Virtual” Reality
      • The Metaverse: The Avatar’s Playground
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • “Deep Fakes”: Old Concept, Terrifying Potential
    • Fred’s live DALL-E 2 rendering
  • Risk Factors for Educators
    • Insufficiently Understood Technology
    • Further Shared Space with Students
    • Student Technological Edge
    • Challenges of Supervision
  • Potential Cybertraps
    • Personal
    • Distraction
    • Inappropriate Content
    • Professional
    • Inappropriate Friendships
    • Favoritism / Virtual Gift-Giving
    • Invasions of sTUDENT Privacy
    • Cyberharassment and Cyberbullying
    • Virtual Assault
  • Resources – #2022–09–27 This Artificial Intelligence App Wants To Make You A Better Teacher
    – #2022–09–23 Opinion: The metaverse could be transformative, but it’s a legal and ethical minefield
    – #2022–09–12 Metaverse Beckons A New Avatar Of Education But Are We Ready?  “–news–222843”
    – #2022–09–06 How artificial intelligence can be a force for good in schools
    – #2022–06–01 The Metaverse Is Already Here, and K–12 Schools Are Using It for Education
    – #2022–05–11 The Metaverse: 5 Things Educators Should Know
    – #2022–04–25 What Is the Metaverse, Exactly?
    – #2022–02–15 Why you can’t have legs in virtual reality (yet)
    – #2021–11–29 Teaching in the ‘Metaverse’? Roblox Looks to Make It a Reality

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