When You’re Curious You’re Learning with Gregg Behr Cybertraps 128

Show notes

  • whenyouwonder.org
  • 1–4–3 day in PA – 143rd day in the year.
  • Get their book “When You Wonder, You’re Learning”
  • Origin story – Gregg and philanthropy Grable Foundation
  • Translating learning from the learning sciences
  • sound like script writers in Fred Rogers.
  • Remake learning network – Learning landscape.
  • Rogers took the tech of his day and asked how can I make this good
  • Fred Rogers wanted to use the technology of his day to minister to kids.
  • Eric Erickson – identity development
  • How can people do things like what Fred was doing in his time?
  • How do I make what is attractive to kids good and constructive?
  • So many people who can and should carry the work of Fred forward. We’ve got to lift those examples up.
  • Go to church, go to a concert, go to a sporting event, go to school
  • The agony of creation.
  • Everything Fred was doing clearly had a purpose.
  • Fred bridged theory and practice in a powerful way.
  • Curiosity, collaboration, creativity
  • Parables of Peanuts
  • Whole child plus learning sciences equals = The Fred Method

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