Skills Unlock the Future with Al Kingsley Cybertraps 116

Al Kingsley is CEO of NetSupport and also serves as the Chair of two Multi Academy Trusts and a local School Governors’ Leadership Group in the UK. Al is a sought-after speaker and popular podcaster (NetSupport Radio). His book My Secret #EdTech Diary is not only a walk through his 30 year history in education, but also expresses a new way of thinking about technology in education.

  • How technology use has changed.
  • It’s about the usage of the technology.
  • Redefining what our measures of impact are!
  • No two schools are the same.
  • Reflective practice.
  • How do we know it is being used effectively?
  • Be realistic in how we are interacting.
  • Tech is part of what we already do!
  • How do you decide which tools to use when?
  • Pedagogical expertise to decide when to use tools
  • Trust the people that are in the position to help the kids.
  • Empower teachers to make choices, but peer assess of colleagues and what they are using.
  • The role of students regarding ed tech.
  • Student voice is critical in evaluating ed tech.
  • Competence is not the same thing as wisdom.
  • Digital Citizenship
  • routine, connectivity with a familiar face, were vital during the emergency remote teaching
  • Learner to learner engagement is important.
  • Skills rather than knowledge are what unlocks the future.
  • We need to get kids to the right place to learn.
  • No matter how much technology grows, it requires humans to be focused.
  • It’s not about the technology, it’s about the behavior.
  • How to utilize technology. Pause and make sure all stakeholders understand why, how, and what you’re using.
  • Always expect to invest at the same amount in professional development as you do in the tool itself.
  • Less is more.
  • Do you have any advice for these education leaders to do their best with the technology investment they’ve made in their schools? Is that advice different in 2022 than it was in 2019?
  • What are the one or two changes in technology use (or even new tech tools) that would make a real difference in mental health and self-actualization of students?
  • What security aspects should schools look out for when buying/reviewing technology?

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