We’re Listening! School Monitoring of Social Media Cybertraps LIVE 115

  • Motivations

  • School safety

  • Student safety

  • Political / religious orthodoxy

  • Legal Issues

  • First Amendment rights

  • Federal / State Legislation
    • 2019 – Restoring, Enhancing, Securing, and Promoting Our Nation’s Safety Efforts (RESPONSE) Act
    • Includes a provision called “Children’s Internet Protection” amendment that encourages districts to invest in programs that detect “online activities of minors who are at risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others.” Under the bill, almost all federally funded schools would be required to install software of this kind.
  • Targets

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Parents

  • Types of Monitoring

  • Publicly-Available Content

  • Private Accounts

  • Messaging Tools

  • Hacking / Unauthorized Intrusion

  • Risks

  • Invasion of privacy / overreach

  • Chilling of speech

  • Abuse of power against teachers, students, and/or parents

  • Tools

  • Human Resources / School Investigators

  • Software / Artificial Intelligence

  • Third Party Investigators

  • Parents

  • Resources

– #2022–03–03 Mother at center of Rochester Community Schools social media scandal speaks out
– #2022–02–25 Linewize Webinar Stresses Need for K–12 Safety Monitoring
– #2022–02–24 Lee County school district accused of spying on social media
– #2021–12–17 Utah officials urge social media monitoring after school threats
– #2021–12–16 Schools ask parents to help monitor student’s social media amid vague threats
– #2021–11–02 Berkeley County school leaders encourage parents to learn apps, monitor social media to keep children safe
– #2019–11–07 A Newly introduced Federal Bill prompts Texas schools to begin to monitor students social media
– #2019–11–01 New Bill Would Require Schools to Monitor Social Media
– #2019–08–22 School Safety Package Includes AI, Social Media Monitoring
– #2021–09–03 Texas school district to monitor employees’ social media accounts
– #2021–09–02 Texas schools are surveilling students online, often without their knowledge or consent
– #2019–05–30 Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming
– #2015–07–31 How one school district is monitoring social media of students and teachers
– #2013–09–18 California school district hires firm to monitor students’ social media
– #2013–09–15 Calif. school district monitors kids’ social media
– [n.d.] Schools: Social Media Surveillance

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