NFTs, Blockchain, and Values with Jeff Wright Cybertraps 111

Jeff Wright is the founder of LimitlessLife Media.
He wants to empower others to be limitless.
– What is an NFT?
– What is a Blockchain?
– Ethereum & Smart Contracts
– Digital Assets can now be sold for money.
– Intelligent NFTs – use Artificial Intelligence. Allows for interaction with NFTs instead.
– NFT is about flexing.
– Hopefully it will be in alignment with our core values.
– How will it apply to our day-to-day lives?
– Look for mentors not influencers. Look for collaborators.
– 1.7 Million views on web3 metaverse chat youtube video in just a few months.
– It’s about getting attention.
– What about not being able to forget our mistakes and bad decisions?
NFTs and Education from EdSurge
– There’s going to be huge downsides at some point. We don’t have the answers
– Smart contracts and getting royalties off of the use of NFTs.
Microsoft Teams Mixed Reality
– Reality isn’t what it used to be. NFT pins down the reality of something.

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