Social Media and Social Activism Cybertraps 108

Activism – Activities that students engage in that are in the scope of the first amendment. – News Item – #2022–01–11 A CNY gay teen shares his ‘biggest challenge’; school’s response sets off a storm “” – #2022–01–10 Crisis in the Classroom: Gay high school senior censored by school publication “” – Gay student named Tyler Johnson chosen for a senior spotlight profile in school newspaper – One question was to identify his biggest challenge – “So, I said that my biggest challenge was essentially growing up gay and having to navigate through bullying and navigate through life itself, and like, all the negative experiences I’ve had from that,” said Tyler. – High school principal asked him to change his answer or it would not be printed – Johnson said the interaction with the principal illustrated his point – Johnson made a TikTok video describing the incident, which has been viewed by thousands of people – – Shortly afterwards, the district’s superintendent overruled the principal, saying that Johnson’s original answer would be published. He also promised several initiatives to better support LGBTQ+ students. – The American President Final Speech – Question: How have smartphones and social media changed the power dynamic in schools? – Anecdote – Fred’s underground high school newspaper – Positives – Activism – Education – Accountability – Negatives – Distraction – False Allegations – Hate Speech / Threats – Radicalization – Legal Concerns – 1st Amendment – Privacy – Resources – #2022–01–14 Students, seeing lax coronavirus protocols, walk out and call in sick to protest in-person classes “” – #2021–12–27 ‘My perspective matters’: Students say activism helped them find their voice “” – #2020–11–05 Student Voice: How young people use social media to engage civically “” – #2021–06–07 While Students Use Social Media to Speak to Power, Schools Tutor Them in Slavish Sycophancy “” – #2021–05–13 ‘Make them listen’: Baltimore-area students use social media to campaign for change “–20210506–20210513-vuisz4a6bjg63evswcbl7lqk5a-story.html” – #2020–07–06 Can students use social media to make positive change? “” – #2018–03–19 Can Schools Discipline Students for Social Media Use Outside of School? “” – #2018–01–06 Teach Students To Use Social Media (The Right Way) And The Possibilities Are Endless “” – #2017–12 How Social Media is Reshaping Today’s Education System “” – #2017–03–10 SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE STUDENT/TEACHER RELATIONSHIP: THE PROS AND CONS OF ESTABLISHING CONNECTIONS WITH A GRADE SCHOOL STUDENT “” – #2016–10–13 Infographic: The Use of Social Media in School “”

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