We All Live in One Small Town with Dr. Paul Shaw Cybertraps 105

Paul Shaw received his doctorate from University of South Carolina.

He has served as a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, Dean of Men at St. Leo College, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. 

In 2000, he Was recognized as State Superintendent of the Year in South Carolina and State Superintendent of the Year in Georgia in 2010. 

Served on the Executive Board for the American Association of School Administrators, teach part-time for Piedmont University, and currently serve as Director of Educator Ethics for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. 

Paul is married to Cindy and we have a son (Brian), daughter (Ashley) and 4 grandchildren-Madison, Rogers, Keegan, and Shaw.

  • 1/2 a percent of teachers are reported for teacher misconduct
  • Just a few educators that put a black eye on Atlanta public schools and teachers
  • Better monitoring now than before.
  • Difference between model code of ethics and a code of conduct.
  • Georgia code of ethics is a list of “thou shalt not’s”
  • The experience of COVID–19 has helped us be prepared.
  • Worked with a lot of HR people in the state to help make better guidelines.
  • Teachers should be professional at all times.
  • Ethical behavior is doing what’s right even when nobody is looking.
  • Teach the kids, protect the kids, conduct ourselves appropriately.
  • If in doubt, at least talk it over with someone.
  • Teachers are quick to go to social media.
  • You could lose your effectiveness in the classroom because of your political view, and so you need to be careful when they’re known as a teacher rather than something else.

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