The Untethered Guy with Sini Ninkovic Cybertraps 103

Sini Ninkovic, who is today better known as “The Untethered Guy”, is a Berkeley MBA, and Silicon Valley professional turned digital wellness guru.

After a lifelong struggle with digital dependency, Sini quit his job at Apple to live in a van and untether from tech. Along the way he learned that the key to inner harmony wasn’t found in removing tech, but in redefining his relationship with it. The tools he discovered for himself were so transformative that sharing them with the world has become his personal mission.

After releasing his book Untethered, Sini started traveling globally as a speaker and digital wellness educator. In his engaging talks he teaches our tech dilemma and shares a long term future where we overcome distraction and truly embrace our devices without becoming tethered to them.

  • How Sini arrived in Austria as a refugee.
  • As an adult while still playing games roommates said there was something wrong.
  • At 24, finally realized that he was addicted to technology.
  • Games are no better now than they were, but they are better at sucking you in.
  • Working at Apple – but not knowing what he’s doing afterwards.
  • Silent meditation retreat.
  • Redefining your relationship with technology.
  • Inner voice told me what to do: 1. learn language. 2. write a book 3. combine those two.
  • Huge financial loss
  • How to have a healthy relationship with technology
  • Mindset upgrade – what if the smartphone is our first relationship with a piece of technology?
  • What would it be to be a 10!
  • We are all seeking an emotional connection.
  • Reduce the effects of algorithms.
  • Mindset upgrades
  • Smartphone is the average of our 5–10 most used apps.
  • Drained of willpower by the end of the day.
  • Use peers to help you do better.
  • Tristan Harris – The Social Dilemna

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