Youth Protection with Dr. Joaquina Kankam Cybertraps 101

Not only is Dr. Joaquina Kankam an expert in youth protection compliance and risk management, but her practical experience has made her a leader in understanding the needs of youth serving organizations. In addition to being an educator (K–12 & Higher Education), Joaquina has presented at several national association conferences and participated as a panelist in several discussions regarding youth. She is the founder of the School of Solutions.

  • First week of University – preparing for youth coming to campus.
  • All I saw were a bunch of liabilities.
  • Why cybersafety is so important right now.
  • Encouraging our employees on social media and interact with people.
  • Issues of accountability and transparency
  • Policies on any form of communication outside of educational programming.
  • Checks and balances in place
  • It’s important to involve our human element.
  • Parents should still be involved, as well.
  • Parents don’t abdicate responsibility to watch over child communication.
  • How to have proactive conversations.
  • Address school boards, becuase they have the power
  • Lifelong skills in dealing with online activity.

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