Gamification vs. Learning Through Games with Clarence Tan Cybertraps 99

Clarence Tan (Co-Founder) is the Chief Executive Officer and a Co-Founder of Boddle Learning— a gaming platform for education. Clarence Tan graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. He started his entrepreneurial journey into educational games during his junior year at the university when he started a game development company in Colombia, South America in 2011. Clarence is a veteran in the games industry with over 10+ years of game design experience. He has designed engaging interactive experiences for schools, government institutions, and large corporations. He is also a speaker on classroom gamification at educational conferences such as KCPT(PBS), LearnFest (formerly iPadpalooza), and ISTE.

  • Developing games in Colombia
  • Game-based learning vs. gamification
  • Games are the best medium to reach kids.
  • Clear goal, know steps to get there. Strong feedback loop.
  • Kinds of games that work well.
  • Rewards
  • Hogwarts competition
  • Gaming drives certain behaviors.
  • Leaderboard works poorly for kids on bottom half.
  • Use of random draws for raffle tickets.
  • Actionable Gamification
  • What actions will cause kids to be more motivated?
  • The process can always be painful.
  • Gamification lets you as the user know and track your progress.
  • My performance increased because I could see the improvement.
  • Why gamification is better and more scalable.
  • Dragonbox
  • Obviously, we got kicked out of all the schools for that!

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