School Districts Struggling to Cope with Rise of Social Media Threats Cybertraps 96

New substack: subscribe here. – Show Notes – Social media and digital communication threats are a rising problem – Every threat has to be taken seriously – Incredibly disruptive – Warning notices to parents – upsetting – Lockdowns – School closures / switch to remote learning – Myriad vectors – Email – Text messages – Social media apps – Snapchat – TikTok – Instagram – WhatsApp – Facebook – What Can Schools Do to Address the Problem? – Short-Term – Incident response plan – Assessment of severity of threat (err on side of caution) – Notification to the school community – Cooperation with law enforcement to identify source – Every incident is a teachable moment – Spiderman – “With great power comes great responsibility” – Long-Term – Role of parents – Cybersecurity measures – Monitoring of social media – Balancing resources and student privacy – Creating a culture of awareness among students and staff – Reluctance to get involved? – Concern about being a “snitch” – Relationship with law enforcement, including FBI – Investigations – Selfie-incrimination – Mistaken belief in anonymity – Digital investigations – Computer forensics – Penalties are serious – Resources – #2021–11–12 Photos from Oregon students’ social media pages taken, uploaded on site with ‘highly inappropriate content,’ district says “” – #2021–11–12 Ossining High School switches to full remote learning following social media threat “” – #2021–11–11 Hopewell superintendent addresses next steps after guns found in schools, social media threat “” – #2021–11–11 Maine East High School student facing charges for alleged threats, ‘hateful’ comments on social media “–1118–20211111–7wwpot6yofc3hkpobh7mdytvcu-story.html” – #2021–11–10 Helena schools, police prepared as social media threats target schools across the country “” – #2021–11–10 1 person arrested after social media threat made against Braden River High School “” – #2021–11–03 Parents Panic over unfounded social media rumor of planned Florence school shooting “” – #2021–11–01 Sheriff: No threat to schools from vague social media post “” – #2021–10–29 Social media trend leads to threats made at NorCal schools “” – #2021–10–25 Nationwide social media threat warning of school shootings hit several CNY districts; police say it’s not credible “” – #2021–10–27 3 Savannah GA schools locked down after social media threat “” – #2021–10–18 Four students at Peachtree Ridge High School facing charges after threatening social media posts “](–3033–11ec-aede–97973c7b12ee.html” – #2021–11–01 Deputies: Juvenile responsible for social media threats against Colleton Co. schools taken into custody “”

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