The Cybertraps Podcast Gift Giving Guide LIVE 092

Show Notes The power of experience for adults in teaching – The holidays are rushing towards us – Welcome to the Debby Downer holiday gift review! – It may be a challenging shopping season – Still significant post-pandemic supply chain issues – What are the hot tech toys for 2021? – Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet – The latest and greatest kid-centric Amazon Fire gives kids more freedom to explore via a digital store where kids can request apps (pending parental approval). They can also make video and voice calls and play all their favorite age-appropriate games. – Google Stadia – Stadia is a blast. Let’s start there. Once you’re set up, having the ability to play anywhere you want, is pretty great. The games are fun, well-rendered, hook you quickly, and we had really good experiences in terms of resolution on our TV and frankly our Chrome browser too. The entire set up for Google Stadia is $99 — and that includes one month free access to games, with pricing $9.99 a month after that. This is a fun option for families (especially parents) particularly as a budget entertainment option at home — and a great treat for the holidays. – Nintendo Switch – Nearly every child (and many adults!) have the Nintendo Switch on their holiday list. This on-the-go-slash-household device is great for keeping kids entertained with family-friendly games and also makes for a fun family game night. It’s also one of the tech gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself. – Osmo Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop – Osmo Math Wizard & the Magical Workshop makes learning fun and interactive, providing a smart way to use screen time. While Osmo offers a range of programming for all ages, this one in particular caters to those six to eight, teaching addition and subtraction via hands-on play. In order to use it, an Osmo Base for iPad or Fire Tablet and an iPad or Fire Tablet are required. – – Handheld game console with a crank designed by a software company called Panic – What are factors that parents should consider? – Should you opt out of the shopping splurge altogether? – Used or refurbished? – Experiences instead of things? Family outings or trips? – Subscription boxes? – Remarkably few safety guides at this time of year – Take the time research any toys that you are considering purchasing – What types of connectivity does the toy have? – What can your child do online with the toy? – Who can they communicate with – What data might be or is collected from your child? – Check out our earlier podcast, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) “–78/” – Is your child ready for a more advanced tech toy or gadget? – Pay attention to age ratings – Err on the side of waiting – How much screen time has your child had over the past year+? Is more a good idea? – Have you discussed rules regarding the use of new toys or gadgets with your spouse? Are you ready to discuss those rules (and enforce) them with your child? – Consider toys that are interactive, emphasize physical skills, and family interaction – Tech gifts and gaming devices can certainly be a family activity, if you are actually interacting while you play – There are no supply chain issues for your time and interaction with your child – Resources – #2021–11–07 How to Buy Nothing New This Holiday Gifting Season “” – #2021–11–05 59 Best Gifts for Kids 2021 “” – #2021–11–04 Here are the hottest toys of the 2021 holiday season, according to Amazon “–2021/” – #2021–11–03 PARENTS Names The Best Toys Of 2021 “–2021–142600120.html” – #2021–10–25 The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids “” – #2021–10–20 The Ultimate Holiday Tech Gift Guide for Parents 2021 “–2493419810.html” – #2021–10–15 The Hottest Tech Toys for Kids “” – #2021–09–23 These Are the Hottest Toys for the Holidays, According to The Toy Insider “”

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