Preview of the Professional Practices Institute Cybertraps Live 86

  • Updates
  • Travel to the 24th Annual Professional Practices Institute in Oklahoma City, OK
    • My first flight trip in a year+(!)
  • PPI is a program of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC)
  • NASDTEC has operated since 1928 as “a professional membership organization representing state departments of education and professional standards boards/commissions that are responsible for the preparation, licensure, and discipline of K–12 educational personnel.”
  • It has members from all 50 states, DC, the Dept. of Defense Education Activity, Guam, and the province of Ontario
  • Vision: “NASDTEC believes that all students should have educators who are held to high standards.”
  • Mission: “NASDTEC is dedicated to providing leadership and support to those responsible for the preparation, certification/licensure, employment, ethical and professional practice, and continuing professional development of educators.”
  • TikTok! … It’s 10 p.m.–Do You Know What Apps Students Are Using?
    • PPI General Session 2 (2:45 – 3:45 pm)
      • Introduction (including Center for Cyberethics)
      • U.S. Supreme Court Snapchat decision
      • Apps popular with teens
        • GroupMe
          • Direct and group messages
          • Photos, videos, and calendar links
        • Kik Messenger
          • Text messages, etc.
          • Allows communication with strangers
        • WhatsApp
          • Text, audio, videos, and photos
        • Instagram
          • Photos and videos (public or private)
          • Instagram Direct
        • TikTok
          • Short-form videos
        • Tumblr
          • Microblog – scrapbook of text, photos, videos, and audio.
        • Houseparty
          • Live video and group video chat
          • Screenshots can be taken
          • Live video streaming that can be watched by anyone
        • YouNow
          • Live video streaming
        • Snapchat
          • Time-limited pictures and videos
        • Whisper
          • “Anonymous” confession app
        • Monkey
          • Modern version of Chatroulette – uses Snapchat to connect users for 10 second chats with strangers
        • MeetMe: Chat and Meet New People
        • Omegle
          • Anonymous chat with strangers
        • Yubo
          • “Tinder for Teens” – if two users “match, they can chat via Snapchat and Instagram
        • Amino
          • Interested-based groups for chatting via text, voice, or video.
        • Among Us
          • In-game chat feature
        • Bitlife
          • Quiz app
        • Discord
          • Voice and text chatting tool
        • Holla
          • Live video chat
        • Lipsi
          • Anonymous feedback on Instagram posts
      • Types of Educator Misconduct
        • Personal Cybertraps
        • Professional Cybertraps
        • Criminal Cybertraps
      • Legal Considerations
        • U.S. Constitution
          • 4th Amendment
          • “Right to Privacy”
        • State Laws and Regulations
        • District Policies and Procedures
      • Investigations
        • Types of Witnesses
          • Cooperative Witnesses
          • Uncooperative Witnesses
          • Third-Party Data Sources
        • Types of Data
          • Data Stored on or Transmitted over School Equipment
          • Public-Facing Social Media
          • Data Stored on Personal Devices
        • Sources of Data
          • Examination of Data in App
          • Screenshots or Photos of App Data
          • Digital Forensics
            • Mobile Devices
            • Hard Drives and Other Data Storage
            • Cloud Storage


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