Cutting-Edge Information Security with Dimitri Nemirovsky Cybertraps 83

Dimitri Nemirovsky holds BBA and MBA degrees from Baruch College and earned his JD from Brooklyn Law School. Prior to co-founding Atakama, Dimitri spent 15 years practicing regulatory and enforcement law, most recently at Bingham McCutchen where he represented large financial institutions in high-stakes matters. Dimitri began his career at Merrill Lynch where he focused on the various Federal and state e-discovery regulations that developed during the early 2000’s.

Dimitri has been enamored by computer science since an early age, having taken his first coding class in 8th grade. Throughout his professional career he has always focused on technology, including during the early dotcom era and more recently with bitcoin and blockchain. It was his infatuation with the distributed nature of blockchain technology that led to the founding of Atakama.

  • Decentralized encryption solution
  • Cybersecurity vs. information security.
  • Cybersecurity protecting the castle
  • Information security protects the crown jewels within the castle.
  • How is Atakama different from other cybersecurity solutions?
  • Individual consumers vs. enterprise solutions
  • We as individuals should not be apathetic as it relates to security.
  • Thousands of in-points now that everyone is remote.
  • What makes it hard for us to be security conscious.
  • The more secure you make something, the less productive it is.
  • Value that people put on the information.
  • Trust!
  • It’s incumbent on the individual to be aware.
  • Be judicious about who we trust and what we trust.
  • Quantum Computing threats

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