Cyberwarfare in Real Life with Joshua Powell Cybertraps 075

Joshua Powell spent 23 years in the Marines doing Command and Control operations and the last 5 working as a contractor. Spent 3 years with the Navy working Electronic Warfare / Information Operations and the last two working with George Mason University, Rapid Prototyping Research Center as a Senior Research Faculty. Focused on airborne networking technologies.

From the time our kids are born they are leaving behind a virtual shadow. This shadow can quickly become a tool for not only nation state actors but local individuals to manipulate individuals through their life.

Eagle Eye movie example – an AI computer “activates” an individual to do what they deem required to save the country. Well what if it was your kid or spouse activated by someone you didn’t know?

Who is studying this problem?

Congress Defense Primer: Information Operations Think Tanks

“Information Operations,” RAND Corporation

The Evolution of Special Operations as a Model for Information Forces



JP 3-13, Information Operations

Bottom line – when you have the ability to individualize the targets on-line behavior, habits, and schedule. You have an extraordinarily powerful tool that should be looked at as a weapons grade. We do not allow our enemies to have our tanks, jets, weapons, but we give them nearly unlimited access to our personal data.

Personal information is powerful – behavior and habits are the vector for threats to access your life.

Look at the attack on Congressmen Hawley’s home in DC. This is terror and it can be done to our families and to our children in very personal and intimate ways.

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