How to Teach Cybersecurity with Heather Stratford Cybertraps 61

Heather is a thought-leader in the IT Training and Cybersecurity field. Heather keynotes at conferences, universities, and for enterprise clients. Heather regularly speaks about Cybersecurity, Women in Technology, Women and Diversity in Cybersecurity, creating a Cybersecurity Culture, Entrepreneurship, Privacy, and the shifting regulations and how to manage cybersecurity risks.

In 2019, Heather won a national year-long fellowship with the Tory Burch Foundation, received a national scholarship from Goldman Sachs to participate in the 10,000 Small Businesses Program, and is a 2019 alumni of the Babson College Entrepreneurship Program. In 2018, Heather received the Women in Business Leadership Award from Whitworth University and was featured by global organizations such as the 2018 G7 Summit held in Canada. She has also served as a Board Member on the Community Security Coalition, a regional non-profit helping provide cyber and technology education.

In security, education is key, so how do we teach people security principles in an effective way?

  • A new phenomenon in the industry around creating
  • Humans are the biggest attack area
  • 2020 was the largest increase in breeches according to FBI.
  • “This gives us a number”
  • Baseline test.
  • Most phishing campaigns are individual and unique.
  • Reporting how many people are reporting something suspicious
  • Metaphor of the virtual fire alarm.
  • Not sure means not enough education.
  • Drip7 teaches behavior change.
  • Safety in manufacturing made the culture to be safety-aware.
  • Positive reinforcement in a consistent area.
  • Lessons that are learned for business in an organization
  • Demographics of who is in the workplace.
  • It is critical to our whole way of life to be secure.
  • Adahar – Indian social security system.
  • Hospital system that recognized the need for behavior change.
  • Where to start with cybersecurity? 1. acknowledge that it is a problem. 2. Education
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