Teach Them and Let Them Make Choices with Brandon Laur Cybertraps 59

Brandon Laur has been employed with Personal Protection Systems working as a White Hatter for over 12 years. Since May 2013, Brandon has been operating in a management position in the organization overseeing special project developments; most recently, developing the White Hatter production studio and the subsequent YouTube channel, livestream, and webinar platforms. He has a master’s degree in Professional Communication, specializing in phishing cyberattacks. Brandon actively facilitates educational programs designed for students of all ages, parents, teachers, and business professionals on the topics of privacy, security, digital literacy, and online digital intelligence gathering. In addition to these responsibilities, Brandon is multi-certified and continuing to receive ongoing training in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to use in conjunction with his security experience and academic pursuits. Brandon’s real-world experience using social media and the internet has played a major role in the growth of all internet and social media safety programs offered by The White Hatter.

  • Why technology/internet is always such the focus of concern
  • Parenting online: what can they do the best parent today’s youth
  • Teens sexting rates, challenges, research
  • What is the best security tips to consumers to prevent being haked/scammed
  • Juvenoia – overexagerration of fear of kids getting involved in something new.
  • Interventions for youth struggling.
  • How to define sexting.
  • Parents using phones as pacifiers.

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