Behind the Scenes of Licensing Teachers with Quinton Dale Cybertraps 56

In this episode Jethro and Fred talk with Quinton B. Dale, who investigates teachers who are applying for licensure in Massachussetts.
Quinton B. Dale Is currently the Chief of Investigations for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Professional Practices Investigations.  He previously served as Director of the Investigation Division, Deputy Director of the Investigation Division and as an Investigator for the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.
Mr. Dale also previously served as a Corrections Counselor for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.  Mr. Dale has also served as a Commissioner for the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct and on the Board of Directors for St. Francis House.   Mr. Dale is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.

  • What inspired Q to get in to education from Criminal Justice
  • Slipperly slopes for new educators coming into the profession.
  • Trouble with being the “cool teachder”
  • We’re not here to be your friend, we’re here to be your teachers!
  • How social media has impacted inappropriate student-teacher relationships.
  • It’s much more blatant than it was before.
  • How to keep boundaries in tact.
  • Set boundaries for time and what you talk about. Stay in your lane.
  • Use school equipment in all communications.
  • As long as it is good for the student, it’s fine. As soon as it goes awry, they’re going to use the information against you.
  • How to maintain boundaries on social media with students.
  • How to support teachers who have made some mistakes.
  • Be sure to check out NASDTEC

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