Boundaries vs. Rules with Bjarke Calvin Cybertraps LIVE 046

In this episode we talk with Bjarke Calvin about his new service, TimerKid and why screentime and communication is so important.

Bjarke Calvin comes from a media background, and has spend a lot of time on projects that battle the negative effects of social media. That led to a deep interest in how we can generally use our digital devices and internet content in a more healthy way. His current project is called TimerKid, and we help families balance their screen activity in an easy way. Before that he founded which is an alternative social media, without advertising, algorithms and spam. He started his career as a journalist, and from 2004 to 2009, was executive editor with the worlds leading photo agency, Magnum Photos in New York City. He helped build a new million-dollar business area before becoming an entrepreneur with a focus on media technology. He has also worked as an advisor for media corporations like PBS, TIME and NY Times. Bjarke is an alumni fellow with MIT Open Doclab, and a  frequent speaker at conferences and universities worldwide, such as MIT, Harvard TEDx, and SXSW. He currently lives in Copenhagen Denmark, with his wife and two kids, ages eight and six.

  • Interactive documentary – the thing we now know as stories on Instagram.
  • Independent publishing and social media.
  • Was looking forward to the braintrust that social media owould be, but instead we have people sharing fail and dance videos.
  • The Rabbit Hole Podcast
  • Mastodon Social Network
  • The right model vs the sexiness of it.
  • TimerKid is about managing screentime for kids in an easy way.
  • Parenting Paradigm in Scandinavia based on trust and collaboration.
  • Real focus on humanity and ethics in Nordic regions.
  • You sit down with your kids, and talk together to decide things.

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