The Cybertraps Compendium — May 3-9, 2021

Crop from Cover of Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

The Cybertraps Compendium — May 3-9, 2021

New Episodes on “The Cybertraps Podcast“:

6 May 2021: [TCP Episode 39] Jeanné Collins — Challenges with Providing Students with Technology in a Pandemic

3 May 2021: [TCP Episode 38] Richard Lucero — Establishing Effective Triangle Communication

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Headlines of Interest

Set out below are some of the headlines that I’ve added to my Cybertraps research files during the past week. Book titles with links are available for purchase on; the other titles are forthcoming. If you have any questions about any of these stories, please leave a message on the Questions and Audience Feedback page for “The Cybertraps Podcast.”

Cybertraps for All of Us

8 May 2021: “Miss Manners: Boundaries needed for after-hours texts” (The Washington Post)

6 May 2021: “‘Facebook seeks to avoid its responsibilities’: Tech giant is criticised by its OWN oversight body for algorithms and technical features which promote extremist content” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 May 2021: “Meet Nick Clegg, a British nerd who decides what Americans can read on Facebook” (New York Post)

6 May 2021: “Broadband industry behind millions of fake net neutrality comments, NY AG saysBroadband industry behind millions of fake net neutrality comments, NY AG says (New York Post)

5 May 2021: “‘Break them up’: GOP vows Big Tech backlash over Facebook Trump ban” (New York Post)

5 May 2021: “Facebook Oversight Board upholds Trump ban, gives company 6 months to reassess” (New York Post)

4 May 2021: “Facebook keeps banning QAnon and hate speech. It won’t ever work.” (MSNBC)

4 May 2021: “Ruining it for the ‘gram! Instagrammers wreck beauty spot reservoir as they park illegally, dump rubbish and leave dog mess in their quest for the perfect selfie” (Daily Mail [UK])

3 May 2021: “Are you a victim of the ‘chameleon effect’? Looking at your phone makes other people do the same, study finds” (Daily Mail [UK])

3 May 2021: “How TikTok creators are tackling misinformation” (yahoo!news)

3 May 2021: “One of the world’s biggest child porn networks with 400,000 members exchanging images of extreme sexual abuse is smashed by German police” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

7 May 2021: [Malta] “Disturbing Footage Of Maltese Student Sexually Harassing Female Educator Leads To Investigation” (Lovin Malta)

7 May 2021: [US_PA] “Excellent Educators: York County teacher ‘TikToking,’ teaching English and helping students discover who they are” (WAVY)

6 May 2021: [US_CA] “Teacher mom ‘who had oral sex with her teen girl student’ gets seven years in prison due to her ‘ongoing obsession’ with the girl” (Knewz)

6 May 2021: [US_NC] “South Charlotte teacher goes viral with simple science experiments on TikTok” (WCNC)

6 May 2021: [US_NY] “Amityville Teacher Calls Black Student ‘Monkey’: Video” (MSN)

6 May 2021: [US_TN] “Former Middleville teacher accused of trying to pay someone Bitcoin to kill his wife” (WXMI)

5 May 2021: [US_AK] “Fairbanks teacher on leave after ‘racially insensitive’ comments on George Floyd in class” (Anchorage Daily News)

5 May 2021: [US_IL] “Former Joliet teacher accused of grooming a child was in charge of school’s Twitter account” (WFLD)

5 May 2021: [US_LA] “Porn and sex acts were part of lunch lady’s boozy sleepovers with boys, cops say” (New York Post)

4 May 2021: [US_NJ] “Teacher suspended after going on profanity-laced rant about George Floyd” (WKRC)

4 May 2021: [US_OH] “Massillon City Schools teacher among 10 arrested in Summit County prostitution sting” (WKYC)

4 May 2021: [US_TN] “Academic transparency bill would require teachers to share lesson materials on school websites” (The Progressive Pulse)

3 May 2021: [US_UT] “Former student-teacher arrested for allegedly sharing child pornography” (Cache Valley Daily)

Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

4 May 2021: “Fertility apps with hundreds of millions of users collect and share excessive information” (EurekAlert!)

Cybertraps for First Responders

4 May 2021: [US_DC] “Video released of DC cops allegedly drag racing, crashing” (New York Post)

3 May 2021: [US_NJ] “Township has reportedly fired police officer for racist Facebook post” (MercerMe)

3 May 2021: [US_SC] “SC fire chief quits, apologizes after Black neighborhoods post” (WLTX)

Cybertraps for Health Care Professionals

6 May 2021: [England] “Security flaw is exposed on NHS Covid jab booking website that allows users to work out another person’s vaccine status” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Librarians

Sign Indicating a Slow Week

Cybertraps for Public Figures

6 May 2021: [US_CA] “‘Am I as old as your dad?’ Friends star Matthew Perry, 51, is outed for sending a girl, 19, cringe-worthy messages after matching on celeb dating app Raya” (Daily Mail [UK])

6 May 2021: [US_AR] “Josh Duggar released on bail after ‘worst of the worst’ child porn allegation” (New York Post)

5 May 2021: [US_FL] “Facebook Oversight Board upholds Trump ban, gives company 6 months to reassess” (New York Post)

5 May 2021: [US_CA] “LeBron James: I fueled ‘wrong conversation’ with Ma’Khia Bryant tweet” (New York Post)

3 May 2021: [China] “China deletes Communist Party post mocking India’s Covid-19 crisis: Message read ‘How China and India light fires’ with pics of rocket launch and funeral pyres” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Spouses, Partners & Lovers

7 May 2021: “Students Have ‘Sh*t List’ Where Every Guy They’ve Ever Dated Gets Strikes For Bad Behaviour” (Unilad)

Cybertraps for the Vulnerable

3 May 2021: [Global] “Caller ID should not be trusted because phone numbers are too easy for criminals to fake, Ofcom warns” (Daily Mail [UK])

3 May 2021: [Global] “Google is hosting ads that charge more than FIVEFOLD the original price for government services like applying for a driver’s licence or getting a travel permit, investigation finds” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for the Young

7 May 2021: [Global] “‘Hot tub meta’ bikini streamers have Twitch all worked up” (New York Post)

7 May 2021: [Scotland] “‘Some exam papers are already on TikTok’” (Tes)

7 May 2021: [US_CA] “Matthew Perry’s Raya match is ‘kicked off’ the exclusive dating app for breaking privacy guidelines… after Friends star’s cringe-worthy video message went viral on TikTok” (Daily Mail [UK])

7 May 2021: [US_ID] “Sixth-Grader Who Shot 3 People Posted On TikTok Days Before School Shooting” (KFI)

6 May 2021: [England] “Politics student, 23, accused of 12 terror offences joined neo-Nazi groups to stir up ‘race war’ against ethnic minorities after posting ‘virulently racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic propaganda’ online, court hears” (Daily Mail [UK])

4 May 2021: [Global] “What to know about TikTok therapy – and how it could help you or your teens” (Today)

4 May 2021: [Global] “Facebook Allows Drug Ads to Target Teens, Activists Say” (Wired)

4 May 2021: [Global] “Mom on TikTok shares hack for teaching kids about bullying” (yahoo!life)

4 May 2021: [US_FL] “Florida teen accused of rigging homecoming election to be tried as adult” (New York Post)

3 May 2021: [Global] “How TikTok personalities are making a name for themselves by delivering news to Gen Z” (The Washington Post)

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