HIPAA and Privacy in a Post-Pandemic World with Adam Stone Cybertraps 35

Adam Stone is a skilled business leader with 20+ years’ overseeing the implementation and development of data privacy and security innovations. A business development professional with the spirit of an entrepreneur and the boundless enthusiasm of a Russell terrier.
Vice President Solutions Delivery and Chief Privacy Officer at TrustMAPP
Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) Health Services Management (HSM) Program
Specialties: Data Privacy and Security Leadership | Business Development and Budget Management | Advocacy and Outreach | Program and Project Management | Civic Leadership | Communications and Marketing | Organizational Strategy | Government Affairs and Compliance | Retained CPO and DPO | GDPR | International, Federal and State Data Protection Law

  • Background – TrustMAPP
  • Data Privacy Generally – What Is It?
  • Globalization of Privacy – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • HIPAA – Help or Hindrance – Pandemic
  • Data Breaches – Consumers
  • Selective curation of social media.
  • Cybersecurity – Leading Issues
  • Government oversight vs. security vs. privacy.
  • National Security – Solar Winds
  • Recommendations for Parents & Kids re data privacy

Thanks to our mission partner:

Buoyancy Digital is proud to be the inaugural Mission Partner for the Cybertraps Podcast series. A digital advertising consultancy with an ethos, Buoyancy was founded by Scott Rabinowitz, who has been in digital media since 1997 and has overseen $300 million in youth safety compliant ad buys across all digital platforms. For IAB, Google and Bing accredited brand and audience safe advertising sales solutions, media buying and organizational training for media publishers, let’s chat.

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