The Cybertraps Compendium — April 12-18, 2021

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The Cybertraps Compendium — April 12-18, 2021

New Episodes on “The Cybertraps Podcast“:

15 April 2021: [TCP Episode 33] Mark Zaid, Esq. — Whistleblowers, Security Clearances, and Private Email Servers

12 April 2021: [TCP Episode 32] TCP Live / Dr. Eric Cole — Former CIA Hacker Discusses Our Cyber Crisis

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Headlines of Interest

Set out below are some of the headlines that I’ve added to my Cybertraps research files during the past week. Book titles with links are available for purchase on; the other titles are forthcoming. If you have any questions about any of these stories, please leave a message on the Questions and Audience Feedback page for “The Cybertraps Podcast.”

Cybertraps for All of Us

18 April 2021: “Priti Patel will blast Facebook’s plan to introduce encryption technology that could help online paedophiles escape justice” (Daily Mail [UK]

17 April 2021: “AI ethicist Kate Darling: ‘Robots can be our partners’” (The Guardian)

15 April 2021: “Gallows or guillotines? The chilling debate on before the Capitol siege.” (The Washington Post)

15 April 2021: “The ‘cancel culture’ wars are exhausting and useless. Here are five proposals for a truce.” (The Washington Post)

15 April 2021: “Warning for Android users over Brazilian trojan sweeping the US and Spain: Downloading a dodgy app could leave you open to banking fraud” (Daily Mail [UK])

14 April 2021: “Amazon claims social network Parler trying to conceal its owners” (New York Post)

14 April 2021: “The FBI wanted to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. It turned to a little-known Australian firm.” (The Washington Post)

14 April 2021: “GPS is endangered by a misguided FCC decision made during the Trump administration” (The Washington Post)

14 April 2021: “FBI hacks vulnerable US computers to fix malicious malware” (The Guardian)

14 April 2021: “Red-faced estate agent is forced to apologise after 3D tour of house for sale revealed sellers’ private information including financial paperwork, unblurred family photos and pets’ names” (Daily Mail [UK])

14 April 2021: “Google launches new ‘Heads Up’ feature that urges ‘smartphone zombies’ to turn their gaze away from their device while walking” (Daily Mail [UK])

13 April 2021: “‘I Felt Hate More Than Anything’: How an Active Duty Airman Tried to Start a Civil War” (Pro Publica)

13 April 2021: “ Mass. Trial Court Rejects Right to Be Forgotten” (Reason)

13 April 2021: “Are YOU a guinea pig for Google’s latest experiment? Website reveals if you’re one of the millions of Chrome users selected to trial a controversial new ad-tracking system” (Daily Mail [UK])

12 April 2021: “Pentagon develops microchip that detects COVID under your skin” (New York Post)

12 April 2021: “How the Internet is empowering politicians, writers and porn stars at the expense of institutions” (The Washington Post)

Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

17 April 2021: [Bangladesh] “Teacher arrested for ‘blackmailing schoolgirl’ in Chattogram” (Prothom Alo English)

17 April 2021: [India] “‘We have to relook and reimagine the way our schools run… so that children don’t get lost in cyberspace’” (The Indian Express)

17 April 2021: [US_KS] “Coach taking photos of student-athletes? What KC-area school uproar says about COVID” (The Kansas City Star)

16 April 2021: [US_CA] “Two Santa Cruz County teachers under investigation after allegations of sexual misconduct with students” (The Mercury News)

16 April 2021: [US_FL] “New charges filed against Ruckel Middle School coach accused of sex with a student” (Northwest Florida Daily News)

16 April 2021: [US_WY] “TikTok Teacher Branded as ‘Racist’ For Taking Student’s DuragTikTok Teacher Branded as ‘Racist’ For Taking Student’s Durag” (Newsweek)

15 April 2021: [China] “Preschool Teacher In China Forces Student To Smell His Feet, Posts Photos On WeChat” (International Business Times)

15 April 2021: [US_CA] “California school district to vote on whether high-speed broadband is a human right” (New York Post)

14 April 2021: [India] “Video Showing A Teacher Thrashing Student Takes Social Media By Storm, Forces Authorities To Act” (KashmirLife)

14 April 2021: [US_MA] “‘Fake’ Facebook account posts misinformation that Dighton teachers have COVID” (Taunton Gazette)

14 April 2021: [US_NC] “Former Rowan County high school teacher pleads guilty of sex crimes involving student” (WBTV)

14 April 2021: [US_NJ] “Former Watchung Hills teacher loses license for sexting studentFormer Watchung Hills teacher loses license for sexting student” (Courier News)

14 April 2021: [US_NY] “Woke $57k-a-year NYC school where stars send their kids claims it WON’T discipline teacher who penned devastating expose of pupils being indoctrinated with radical race theory ‘and white children made to feel ashamed'” (Daily Mail [UK])

14 April 2021: [US_OK] “Oklahoma teacher is suspended for calling a black student the N-word after he called her it and threatened to knock her out when she stopped him leaving classroom” (Daily Mail [UK])

13 April 2020: [US_TX] “‘Everybody is dead’: Teacher aide arrested for threats to Laredo’s Clark Middle School” (LMTonline)

12 April 2021: [US_AZ] “DVUSD teacher under investigation has apparently resigned” (Daily Independent)

12 April 2021: [US_CA] “California teacher flips out on students over distance learning complaints” (New York Post)

12 April 2021: [US_MI] “Brandywine teacher placed on leave after being caught allegedly trying to solicit sex from underaged girl” (WBND)

12 April 2021: [US_OK] “Caught On Camera: Holdenville Teacher Calls Student Racial Slur During Class” (KWTV)

12 April 2021: [US_TN] “ Jefferson County teacher arrested following investigation into relationship with student” (WATE)

Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

Cybertraps for First Responders

16 April 2021: [United States] “Secret Facebook groups of special operations officers include racist comments, QAnon posts: report” (The Hill)

16 April 2021: [US_CT] “ Independent investigation into racially charged Snapchats sent by Naugatuck police chief’s daughter concludes” (WTNH)

14 April 2021: [US_NY] “Two N.C. officers suspended over ‘disturbing’ video of Black man punched on the ground” (The Washington Post)

14 April 2021: [US_VA] “Windsor police chief says backlash from viral video of pepper-spray incident caused him to fire officer” (The Washington Post)

13 April 2021: [US_MI] “Wrongfully arrested man sues Detroit police over false facial recognition match” (The Washington Post)

Cybertraps for Health Care Professionals

Sign Indicating a Slow Week

Cybertraps for Librarians

Sign Indicating a Slow Week

Cybertraps for Public Figures

17 April 2021: [England] “Premier League clubs rally together as they get ready to launch social media blackout which will see teams go silent for 24 hours around their matches at beginning of May to combat racism” (Daily Mail [UK])

17 April 2021: [United States] “Passion of the Christ star Jim Caviezel sparks outrage after promoting a QAnon child blood-harvesting theory during online anti-vax COVID conference” (Daily Mail [UK])

16 April 2021: [United States] “Cardi B DELETES tweet saying ‘We need cops and that’s facts’ after being pilloried online by the ‘Defund the Police’ movement” (The Guardian)

15 April 2021: [England] “‘Love Island’ star turned X-rated OnlyFans model making $1.4M a month defends career: ‘It’s not sl*tty'” (Knewz)

15 April 2021: [England] “Premier League stars are paying up to £4,000 a month to outsource their social media accounts, with players under fire for lack of authenticity after embarrassing mishaps for Phil Foden and Joe Hart” (Daily Mail [UK])

14 April 2021: [Canada] “Canadian lawmaker caught nude during virtual legislative meeting” (New York Post)

13 April 2021: [England] “Senior Tory MP Tom Tugendhat accuses China of hacking him for YEARS in ‘attack on democracy’ as he reveals GCHQ experts told him Gmail is more secure than Parliament’s email” (Daily Mail [UK])

12 April 2021: [United States] “Paige Spiranac fires back after ‘disgusting’ response to Masters tweet” (New York Post)

12 April 2021: [England] “Black reporter LOCKED OUT of Twitter for criticizing BLM founder’s $1.4 million home purchase blasts big tech for making movement a ‘sacred cow despite its financial grift’” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Spouses, Partners & Lovers

16 April 2021: [England] “ Catfish UK hosts Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler: ‘Manipulating people online has never been easier” (The Guardian)

15 April 2021: “Date Lab: They talked for seven hours. On Zoom. Really.” (The Washington Post)

13 April 2021: “‘Our focus was to get Trump out of office’: CNN technical director makes candid admission to undercover Project Veritas reporter he thought he was on date with after listing his employer on TINDER” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for the Vulnerable

16 April 2021: [United States] “Right-Wing House Republicans Vote Against Bills Combating Senior Scams, Carbon Monoxide” (Forbes)

14 April 2021: [United States] “New Partnership to FightCybercrime Launching Program to Support the Military and Veteran Community” (BusinessWire)

Cybertraps for the Young

18 April 2021: [England] “Teenager, 18, collapsed and drowned on water-logged parkland after taking Ecstasy – as drug dealer who sold friends £40 pills from ‘dark web’ is jailed for nearly three years” (Daily Mail [UK])

17 April 2021: [Global] “‘In this world, social media is everything’: how Dubai became the planet’s influencer capital” (The Guardian)

16 April 2021: [Global] “Why Do We Let Corporations Profit From Rape Videos?” (The New York Times)

15 April 2021: [Global] “Advocates say kids’ Instagram product would ‘put young users at great risk’” (The Guardian)

15 April 2021: [Global] “Instagram apologises for ‘mistake’ where diet content including ‘appetite suppressants’ and ‘fasting’ was recommended to users with eating disorders” (Daily Mail [UK])

14 April 2021: [Global] “Users could soon hide ‘like’ counts on Instagram and Facebook” (New York Post)

14 April 2021: [England] “My son was expelled for sharing a girl’s nude photo…he’ll live with the guilt for ever” (Daily Mail [UK]

14 April 2021: [Australia] “Woman, 24, is horrified when her personal photos are stolen and put on OnlyFans porn site in order to extort her” (Knewz)

14 April 2021: [England] “Colchester Royal Grammar School head teacher says he is ‘shocked and saddened’ after ex-female pupil’s ‘toxic and ubiquitous rape culture’ claims” (Daily Mail [UK])

13 April 2021: [England] “Atomic Kitten star turned OnlyFans model boasts that her teen daughter takes her racy pics and ‘loves the money'” (Knewz)

13 April 2021: [Global] “How Can Educators Teach Students To Spot Fake News?” (Forbes)

12 April 2021: [US_TX] “Aledo ISD students punished for ‘slave trade auction’ on Snapchat of Black classmates” (KDFW)

12 April 2021: [England] “Desperate British students are being forced to join OnlyFans, star in porn after hospitality jobs dried up due to COVID lockdowns” (Knewz)

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