The Cybertraps Compendium — March 8-14, 2021

Crop from Cover of Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

The Cybertraps Compendium — March 8-14, 2021

New Episodes on “The Cybertraps Podcast“:

11 March 2021: [TCP Episode 23] Scott Rabinowtiz — Secrets of the Advertising Industry

8 March 2021: [TCP Episode 22] TCP Live — Cookies and Tracking Pixels

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Buoyancy Digital is proud to be the inaugural Mission Partner for the Cybertraps Podcast series. A digital advertising consultancy with an ethos, Buoyancy was founded by Scott Rabinowitz, who has been in digital media since 1997 and has overseen $300 million in youth safety compliant ad buys across all digital platforms. For IAB, Google and Bing accredited brand and audience safe advertising sales solutions, media buying and organizational training for media publishers, let’s chat.

Headlines of Interest

Set out below are some of the headlines that I’ve added to my Cybertraps research files during the past week. Book titles with links are available for purchase on; the other titles are forthcoming. If you have any questions about any of these stories, please leave a message on the Questions and Audience Feedback page for “The Cybertraps Podcast.”

Cybertraps for Educators 2.0

14 March 2021: [NC] “Students were told to ‘tweet’ from the Civil War era. The school showcased their pro-slavery posts.” (The Washington Post)

13 March 2021: [NY] “Parma music teacher pleads guilty to dozens of child pornography charges” (WHAM)

12 March 2021: [England] “Top £20,000-a-year London private school has a ‘rape culture’, say pupils amid online claims of ‘predatory’ boys harassing girls” (Daily Mail [UK])

12 March 2021: [MI] “Walled Lake H.S. teacher’s bathroom break shown on classroom Zoom call” (Detroit Free Press)

12 March 2021: [MI] “Lakeshore Public School teacher faces backlash for Facebook post” (WNDU)

12 March 2021: [ND] “Substitute teacher accused of luring by computer” (KVLY)

12 March 2021: [NY] “Teacher under fire, apologizes after making offensive gesture toward parent on Zoom call” (News 12)

11 March 2021: [England] “‘Pointy-elbow’ parents emailing teachers to boost exam grades” (BBC)

11 March 2021: [IN] “PHHS teacher arrested on sexual misconduct charge” (The Herald Bulletin)

11 March 2021: [MA] “I hid my personal life from my students. Now they see it all — and I love it.” (The Washington Post)

11 March 2021: [MS] “Former Provine High teacher convicted of sexual battery” (WJTV)

11 March 2021: [OR] “Former Sherwood High School teacher sentenced after photographing teen through window” (The Oregonian)

11 March 2021: [PA] “Troopers: Hyndman 6th grade teacher charged for sexually assaulting student” (WJAC)

11 March 2021: [WI] “Teacher not authorized to give students ‘sex survey’, principal says” (WISN)

10 March 2021: [FL] “Video captures what appears to be teacher slamming student to the ground” (WPLG)

10 March 2021: [MN] “Police: Hall County teacher used Snapchat to send explicit photo to student” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

10 March 2021: [PA] “South Fayette High School teacher suspended after issuing ‘inappropriate’ assignment” (Tribune-Review)

9 March 2021: [CA] “LA teachers warned to not share vacation pics as union seeks safe return to classrooms: report” (Fox News)

9 March 2021: [MO] “Teacher at Rockwood elementary school arrested on suspicion of child pornography” (KSDK)

8 March 2021: [Australia] “RE and ethics teacher at Teesside college barred from teaching over sexual comments on Instagram” (Teeside Live)

Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads

12 March 2021: [England] “Mum left mortified after sending a NAKED photo of herself to in-laws group chat” (Daily Mail [UK])

10 March 2021: [USA] “Massive camera hack exposes the growing reach and intimacy of American surveillance” — (Washington Post)

Cybertraps for First Responders

11 March 2021: [England] “Sarah Everard police swooped on ‘murder suspect’ Met officer after CCTV breakthrough from bus camera” (Daily Mail [UK])

9 March 2021: [Australia] “Snapchat messages police officer Matthew Paul Hockely sent a 15-year-old girl” (Daily Mail [UK])

9 March 2021: [CA] “Judge says officers who allegedly shared Kobe Bryant crash-scene photos can be identified” (Washington Post)

8 March 2021: [England] “Former police officer who ditched ‘male-dominated’ force in favour of starting an OnlyFans page says she’s already a MILLIONAIRE – despite keeping her content ‘tame’” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Health Care Professionals

13 March 2021: [MI] “Doctors under investigation for posing with patients’ organs and tissue on Instagram during operations and playing the ‘Price is Right’ or ‘guess the weight’” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Public Figures

11 March 2021: [CT] “Georgetown Law Fires Professor for ‘Abhorrent’ Remarks About Black Students” (The New York Times)

9 March 2021: [England] “Tory equalities minister apologises for eight-year-old Facebook post that said she wanted ‘to do a spot of Chav shooting’ and joked that Ed Milliband would make an ideal target” (Daily Mail [UK])

Cybertraps for Spouses, Partners & Lovers

12 March 2021: [Wales] “Man used Snapchat to track down teammate who kissed his ex-girlfriend and then fractured his jaw in vicious attack after training” (Wales Online)

8 March 2021: [Australia] “How men use Snapchat Private Stories to cheat, warning signs to look for” (

8 March 2021: [AZ] “My hubby takes my sultry OnlyFans pics — and our marriage is stronger than ever” (New York Post)

Cybertraps for the Young

13 March 2021: [FL] “Man, 18, arrested for sex with 13-year-old girl he met through social media, Margate police say” (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

13 March 2021: [NY] “NYC sees spike in kids with myopia amid increased screen time” (New York Post)

12 March 2021: [MN] “Attorney says teen could face 20 years for allegedly recording teacher in bathroom, posting it online” (WJBK)

12 March 2021: [PA] “Pa. woman created ‘deepfake’ videos to force rivals off daughter’s cheerleading squad: police” (The Patriot-News)

12 March 2021: [TX] “Man who targeted underage girls on Snapchat sentenced to 35 years for continuous trafficking of persons, possession of child pornography” (

11 March 2021: [England] “Women reveal they had intimate photos stolen and shared online by people living in their town” (Daily Mail [UK])

11 March 2021: [NY] “Teen Vogue’s new editor, 27, issues lengthy public apology after old racist tweets emerge” (Daily Mail [UK])

11 March 2021: [TX] “Father Says Racist Snapchat Sent to His Son a Sign of Needed Change at Nolan Catholic High School” (KXAS)

10 March 2021: “TikTok rolls out new features to combat bullying, harassment” (c|net)

10 March 2021: [England] “Snapchat: Gen Z has what it takes to be at the forefront of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ of tech” (City A.M.)

10 March 2021: [NV] “Nevada County man accused of selling pot gummies via Snapchat” (KXTV)

10 March 2021: [OK] “Mother freaks out teenage daughter next to ‘cute guy’” (Daily Mail [UK])

9 March 2021: [MO] “Springfield man federally sentenced for using Snapchat to contact teenage girls” (KOLR)

9 March 2021: [NY] “ Teen Vogue staffers slam newly-appointed editor-in-chief, 27, for her teenage ‘racist and homophobic tweets’ – weeks after her boyfriend quit White House press job after threatening to ‘destroy’ female reporter” (Daily Mail [UK])

8 March 2021: [France] “French schoolgirl, 13, admits MAKING UP story that sparked hate campaign resulting in teenage Jihadi beheading teacher Samuel Paty” (Daily Mail [UK])

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