Secrets Of The Advertising Industry With Scott Rabinowitz Cybertraps 23

Scott is an interactive media specialist who joined the digital marketplace in 1998; he provides advertising business development strategy and management support for entertainment, ecommerce, technology and digital media brands worldwide. Over the past 22+ years, his body of work has included managing more than $200 million in online advertising campaigns, as well as advisory and hands-on marketing, advertising, business and corporate development roles, for a mix of brands in many industries. Scott was among the first digital marketers to profitably source direct response traffic campaigns for pay wall enabled subscription content sites in multiple age restricted industries. Having unique experience in support of content delivery online via search engine marketing, Scott serves the civil litigation system as an subject matter witness on matters of search engine marketing & digital media compliance policy issues.
Spanning his time working around the internet content and traffic management/advertising sales industries at large, Scott has also contributed commentary and articles to various interactive media and entertainment industry outlets, including BrandChannel, Marketing Sherpa’s ContentBiz, the New York Times Online and A passionate advocate for online child protection issues in the digital age, Scott served on the Advisory Council for ASACP, an internet entertainment industry organization solely focused on child protection best practices by entertainment, traffic and technology hubs online.
* Questions and Themes
* In this episode we discuss how advertising works and what people should know as they interact with advertising enabled platforms online.
* Why should parents add ‘advertising recognition’ to the short list of what kids know when they go online?
* Native advertising –
* Are all online ad formats clearly marked to allow people to avoid the ad or not?
* What are the most common ad formats and symbols which can help a child or an adult identify what is an ad and what is not?
* In-app purchasing on mobile devices. Why is this an issue?
* How much of our childrens’ data is being shared by social networks with advertisers?
* Native advertising


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