The Model Code of Ethics for Educators with Dr. Troy Hutchings Cybertraps 016

Troy Hutchings researches, writes, and speaks in the areas of professional ethics, educator misconduct, and frameworks for an ethical and legal teaching practice. He presents to various state and national policy and practitioner groups across the United States and Canada. Hutchings also provides expert witness testimony in judicial hearings; collaborates on policy initiatives with state, federal and provincial agencies; and has been the subject matter expert on a variety of national projects dealing with educator ethics including the Model Code of Ethics for Educators and the National Council for the Advancement of Educator Ethics.

In this episode we talk about how to implement the MCEE in your school or district, or even state. 

Check out the MCEE here.

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  1. Donan Rice - Reply

    This recording was fantastic. I worked with Troy for a few years and was at the NASDTEC meeting when he received the Doug Bates award. The Army and AF teamed to have him provide professional development for JROTC instructors of all services and develop an interactive video with WILL International. Troy’s interactive video, Fred’s book (Cybertraps for Educators), and Glenn Lipson’s Making the Right choices program serve together to support the course, “The Good Teacher” offered through Fort Hays State University. I will be adding the Model Code of Ethics to the course. Fantastic podcast – thanks so much!

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