Spreading of Misinformation with Akunna Uka Cybertraps 009

Akunna was born and raised in New York but has declared California home for the past 6 years. She has lived in South Los Angeles. She teaches middle and high school Speech and Debate at New Roads School in Santa Monica, CA. Her school was founded about 25 years ago as a response to the racial and socio-economic segregation plaguing schools in the Los Angeles area. In 2019, Akunna completed her masters in Education at UCLA while teaching full time. She studied political science and educational studies at Swarthmore College and is a 2013 New York Truman Scholar.

In this episode we discuss how youth are using technology and how to be critical thinkers. 


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  1. Robin D Summers - Reply

    I’m so proud of you Akunna! I’m Robin D Summers, a Mount Vernon NY resident and close friends of the Solomons Eunice, Sheila and Stewart! I really enjoyed the conversation. It has inspired me to explore this topic more closely. I will share this podcast with my daughter Brenna who has decided to stay at home. My granddaughters Emma, 6 years old and Zöe, 4 years in a month. Thanks for having the discussion.

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