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00:00:00 New Speaker: 00:00:00 In a world. where kids are getting devices at younger and younger ages. 

I will never forget sitting with my clients. I run an all girls adolescent group  and they started talking about sending a guy that picture and that picture and how he asked for this.

New Speaker: 00:00:17 In a world, where schools are using more technology than ever.

 the technologies are around before COVID-19.  The piece actually arose out of my experience, , first supporting and then refusing to support an online proctoring technology that the university I was working at the time was using.

New Speaker: 00:00:38 

In a world, where parents are

Fred: 00:00:40 Okay. I think we get it. 

New Speaker: 00:00:42 What?

Fred: 00:00:42 No. No really. It’s okay. Just get to the point about the podcast.

New Speaker: 00:00:47 I’m just doing my job. 

Jethro: 00:00:49 I know, I know, and you’re doing a great job, but let’s just get to the podcast.

New Speaker: 00:00:54 Deep, calming breaths. 

Jethro: 00:00:55 There you go.

New Speaker: 00:00:57 We bring you, the Cybertraps Podcast. 00:01:00 Hosted by Frederick Lane and  Jethro Jones.

Lane and Jones interview interesting experts from a wide range of cybersafety, education, and privacy-related fields and discuss all the ways to stay out of trouble on the internet!

Fred: 00:01:14 each week, Jethro Jones and I Frederick lane, we’ll be talking about some of the leading issues regarding the use of digital devices and the potential consequences that can result.

Jethro: 00:01:26 in addition to that, we’ll be interviewing experts and doing a live show each week to help you. Know how to navigate our increasingly high tech world.

Fred: 00:01:37 We look forward to having you join us.

New Speaker: 00:01:38 Look for a new podcast twice a week. Subscribe in your favorite podcast player. Also, check out for all the latest episodes. The Cybertraps Podcast, brought to you by Frederick Lane and Jethro Jones. 

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