Free Download!! “Raising Cyberethical Kids”

Cover for "Raising Cyberethical Kids"

Cover for “Raising Cyberethical Kids”

For a limited time (now until February 20, 2019), you can download a free copy of a short book I wrote a few years ago entitled Raising Cyberethical Kids.

The book is “a practical guide to help parents teach their children how to use the Internet safely and ethically” and can be downloaded from the BookFunnel Web site. Click on the link below to go to the giveaway page:

Here’s a longer description of the book:

Raising children who behave morally and ethically is a challenge in the best of circumstances, but it has become infinitely more challenging thanks to the Internet and mobile technology. In this practical guide, noted cybersafety expert Frederick Lane (author of Cybertraps for the Young and Cybertraps for Educators) explains how a Family Acceptable Use Policy can help you and your children navigate the complicated and challenging online world both safely and ethically.

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