A Thousand Things to Talk about … and Then Some!

Since my birthday earlier this year, I have been using the Tablepress plugin to compile some of the more interesting articles that I have uncovered during the course of my research. Not long ago, the number of entries crossed a significant milestone: 1,000 news stories and press releases chronicling educator misdeeds, digital risks for youngsters and expecting parents, threats to our privacy, the ongoing battles over decency, digital forensics investigations, and emerging technologies.

I hope that in addition to offering insight into the research I have been doing in my areas of expertise, this growing database of article links will serve as a valuable resource for teachers at all levels of education. The issues raised by these articles offer a great launching pad for classroom discussions regarding tricky cyberethical issues and the interplay among law, technology, and society.

My target has been to add 30-35 new articles to the database each week (apart from vacations and long-distance lecture travel). The current count stands at 1,076 and there is every indication that the issues I have been researching for the last twenty years+ will continue to generate provocative news reports in the decades to come.

You can view the main portal for my headlines database by clicking on “Headlines” in the main menu or by clicking here.

One feature that site visitors might overlook is the fact that the database can be search for terms that appear in the various headlines. Try searching, for instance, for “Snapchat,” “sexting,” “Facebook,” or “robots” to get a quick sense of the trends connected to those terms. You can also search for articles about specific jurisdictions; to avoid confusion, I have tagged location-specific articles using the format “[#NY]”. There are 47 articles, for instance, that are tagged #NY; #CA follows close behind with 43.

The primary organizational schema for the database are the themes that I have covered in my various books, as well as the topics I am researching for future projects. So far, the greatest number of headlines deal with various aspects of Cybertraps for the Young; bringing up the rear are the articles relating to The Court and the Cross. Here are the counts for each theme so far (some headlines relate to multiple themes):

Cybertraps for the Young (462)
American Privacy (223)
Cybertraps for Educators (190)
The Decency Wars (179)
Obscene Profits (119)
Emerging Technologies (117)
Cybertraps for Expecting Moms & Dads (108)
Computer Forensics (106)
The Naked Employee (19)
The Court and the Cross (9)

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