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The scandal that has engulfed Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) may seem to many parents like yet another reason to turn off the news. That’s an understandable reaction, but parents should embrace it for it what it is: a great opportunity to educate their children about the risks of online behavior. Here are some talking points for parents and their children:

1. It’s WAY TOO EASY to Be Stupid Online

Rep. Weiner is actually one of the more technologically-savvy members of Congress. But he got into trouble because he made a simple, careless mistake: typing the “@” symbol instead of “DM” for “direct message.” There are an endless number of ways your child can be tripped up online.

2. Just Because You Can Do Something Online Doesn’t Mean You Should

Technology makes it all too easy to take inappropriate photos or type inappropriate messages, and share them with the entire world. Often, it’s only a couple of clicks of a button, which can make it incredibly tempting to do. But just because something is easy doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Tell your child to THINK!! Will posting something online hurt family, friends, or his/her future?

3. If It’s Digital, It’s Public

As the Weiner fiasco demonstrates, if your child digitizes something, it is virtually inevitable that he/she will lose control of it. That’s even more true if he/she shares it on a social network site or via e-mail. Even if Rep. Weiner had typed his tweet correctly, he was still sending a digital file to someone who could save it, re-tweet it, post it to the Web, or sell it to a news outlet or blogger (most of which happened). As Stewart Brand once said, “Information wants to be free.”

4. Employers, Colleges, and Journalists Will Find Out

All major employers and most of the better colleges are looking at social media sites when they review job or college applications. If your child has posted an embarrassing or inappropriate image of him/herself, the odds are very good (regardless of your privacy settings) that it will be seen by someone making a decision about his or her future.

5. They’re Called “Privates” for a Reason

Your child may think it’s hysterically funny or irresistibly flirtatious to take explicit self-portraits and distribute them online, but it is stupid, embarrassing, and dangerous to do so. Rep. Weiner may be an adult, but if your child is under the age of 18, he or she is violating state and federal child pornography laws by following his example.

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