School Board Update

Hi neighbors — I got a note from Tammy Charboneau at Champlain School saying that she is looking for both an 8 mm and a Super 8 mm projector. If anyone has one that the school could borrow for a time, please contact the school.

Also, since the news hasn’t hit the Free Press yet, I thought I’d pass on the line-up for the upcoming School Board elections:

Ward 1 — Keith Pillsbury (incumbent, unopposed)
Ward 2 — Jen Lazar (unopposed; Commissioner Erik Hoekstra is retiring)
Ward 3 — Marissa Caldwell (incumbent) v. Denise Foote
Ward 4 — Wally Elliot (incumbent, unopposed)
Ward 5 — Fred Lane (incumbent, unopposed)
Ward 6 — Jurij Homziak (incumbent, unopposed)
Ward 7 — Bob Hooper v. Tom Treat (Commissioner Paul Hale is retiring)

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13, at the Ira Allen Building on Colchester Avenue. During this month, Superintendent Collins and I will be visiting the various NPAs around the City to present the school budget.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or Commissioner Amy Werbel (

Fred Lane
Ward 5 School Commissioner
12 Catherine Street

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